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LOL, where did you get that from? I’m surprised that it hasn’t been taken down… hey, are you the one that put it up there in the first place? :p

Anyway, I didn’t realise that we have a ‘Little Arabia’ in S’pore. Is it near Arab Street? Hope that you’ve tasted the ‘teh tarik’ done by this Indian Muslim who the thick busy beard. A couple of us used to get that and chatted in the open for hours every now and then.

Glad that you’ve enjoyed the food over there. I can’t wait for my next trip back. Cheers!

haha, that’s not the only one, they nave many other versions. they even had people walking around with placards of the ads! very attention-grabbing…

Ron in L.A.


R(etc… )

Debo Hobo

OMG that is hilarious! LMHAO

Wow that is some marketing scheme they’ve got! I never would have guess they would come up with that in Singapore. Could definitely start a trend in some of the blue states.

I love this photo, it made me laugh out loud. I’ve heard this sentiment before, just never put so well.

thank god for some humour..

Wow. That is a priceless find.

Lots more funny signs here


Wow, that is just great !! Im still laughing at this!

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