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this reminds me of the train cemetary in South America.. erie


You should!

There’s something beautiful (even though they should be an eyesore) about wrecked sailing vessels left to decay on beaches. Love this shot!

awesome! is this the boat that sunk with Fraser and his wife on it?
I just read about this island in Nat Geo mag a while ago, but there was no picture of this (used to be) boat..

How did you get to the island?


I did a tour leaving from Arlie Beach which is right off the coast.

Though I always enjoy your writing Matt, I don’t always love the photographs you post (DISCLAIMER: that’s the consequence of making a living as a photographer, it makes you overly critical) … BUT, I really love this image!!! It interests me and makes me curious and is just a simple, well composed image. Now I want to know the story behind it!!


Thanks? I’m not the world’s best photographer. I try to post the best I take!


to the best of my knowledge Fraser Island is off Hervey Bay which is about 800 klms south from Airlie Beach which is in the Whitsunday region

WOW! This photo is amazing! There are place and things to see in the world really strange and suggestive…

Very nice photo and also location. I also looks like when the tide is up, it covers the wreck. Is that correct Matt?


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