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Beautiful sunset! Florence is on my wish list to go. I wanna go on a round tour in Italy, there is so much to see!

Gorgeous, Matt! I love Florence… I can’t wait to be there again in February.

Stevo | Expatrialogues

Great photo, Matt. Absolutely stunning.

and it’s only a hop skip and a jump to Pizza


Beautiful photo. My parents were in Florence 2 years ago and came back with a lot of great photos and memories.

I would love to visit Florence some time, and then continue to Venice. That would be the perfect trip!

This is gorgeous. Florence is on my list of must-see-agains.


Nice! Were you on the bridge with lots of shops? As a foodie, the best thing that happened in Florence is this dish they have that has meat (still stuck on a huge bone) grilled to a crisp. Just can’t recall its name but it’s really hard to miss as it’s all around.


This was one of my favorite sunsets I saw while I was away. My top three were the New Mexico sunset, this one, and one in Ko Lanta Thailand. The purples here were simply amazing.


Saw this on Twitter…submitting to Digg! Beautiful sunset + it is Florence. How cool is that?



Beautiful! You are right about the purples. The Ponte Vecchio silhouette in the foreground adds to the composition. I was there once, but would really love to go back and revisit all the museums.

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