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Ha ha, the irony! I just unearthed a bunch of photos a!nd books from family trips to WDW 20+ years ago! :)


Great minds think alike!

This makes the “Happiest Place on Earth” look extremely creepy – love the ominous clouds and eerie violet lighting.

So sorry I accidentally sent the wrong thing it won’t happen again. What I meant to say is: Sooo beautiful! It looks as if witches were going to come out of that caste anytime.

Kickass shot, though Disney World is the probably the single most overrated destination in the Americas.

Or maybe I’m just jaded because I grew up watching Aliens and James Bond instead of Bambi and her hunted parents.


It is entertainment. It has some decent things. But it is overrated.

Love the photo! It gives the castle such an ominous feel.

I’m kinda sad I didn’t visit Disney while I was here.
Magic Kingdom has it’s good points but it’s a little overrated.

Of the Disney Parks – Epcot’s my favorite.


Me too! I love the restaurants.

Great photo! But wayyy too many people for my liking. Besides, I’m more of an Epcot man myself, or maybe it’s just the foreign beers I like…

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