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I think I remember seeing this building when I was in Copenhagen… or probably something really similar.

Looks very familiar to me too…


have you been to copenhagen?

Late reply, just saw this. Yes, been to Copenhagen several times, was last there in March.

Nice shot. Gave it a stumble.

I actually think this shot would be better without the bikes, the building is captured well.

I was thinking just the opposite, AdventureRob–I think the bicycles add to the shot.

Cute Matt – I like the bikes!

Nice shot, Matt. I like it. I like the colors, the way it’s framed, and the reflections in the windows. Very nice.

Nice picture! I’ll try to paint it sometime… good inspiration. Thanks!

Maria G

Denmark seems so picturesque. I can’t wait to visit!

Like the bikes too, add a flavour to it :)


We just missed each other then!

nice composition matt

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