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Agreed! But Krakow is even more amazing!

Amazing! Considering I’m just one country over from Poland, I should really get over there one of these days.

Stunning. I have only made it to Krakow, but I’ve always wanted to visit Warsaw (and other Polish cities) as well.


You can stay in an apartment there for less then the cost of a hotel — at least you could last time I was there. Warsaw is a great city –

Wow, looks beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit Poland, especially after meeting some great polish people on my travels. Will be sure to make a visit sometime soon.

I’m from Poland and I have seen most of our cool citys and the top 2 are Krakow and Gdansk. These two I will recommend to everyone who wants to go to Poland.

This is amazing. I usually imagine Eastern Europe to look monotonous and dull-colored. This is definitely a breathtaking site. Hopefully, I’d get to visit Warsaw next Spring to see this very view.

I just discovered your site, and I came across this photo from my adopted hometown. Warsaw is generally not on most tourists’ lists of must-see destinations, but it is a wonderful city. Thanks for sharing the photo, and keep up the good work!

Are those residential houses? I would love to live in one of those. :) European architecture is really amazing.

These homes are very colorful in Warsaw, Poland!

It is great shot. I’m in the States for last 3 years and I miss polish architecture. I’m excited to go back with my husband for almost 6 months.

In Gdansk, it is beautiful. Sopot has its own climate and Warsaw is a large metropolitan area. Tri-City is to himself that he has a wonderful sea view :)

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