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Beautiful pick! Costa Rica looks awesome. This photo reminds me of the same sort of thing In Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. They’ve got plenty of rocky cliffs and fog, and on a good day if you get high enough, the cloud level will be so low that you’re literally standing above the clouds. Probably not good for ur ego, but talk about picturesque. Thanks 4 sharing Matt

Spectacular picture Matt! Costa Rica is definitely on my must-see list.


You should definitely go to Costa Rica!

Beautiful! This (the clouds, at least) reminds me of my drive to and from San Francisco every day…on the Interstate, it often looks as if the cars are ascending into heaven with our fog falls out here and all.

I see my neck of the woods. Great picture and rare, since the clouds are usually covering that mountain range:)


That’s good to know!

I’m thinking Costa Rica for a family vacation this year. Would you recommend Costa Rica for family with young child and pregnant woman? No vaccine required here, correct?

gorgeous! i love the person framed in the shot – gives great perspective.

This place is heaven on Earth, one of my favorite places in the world!

great shot, I definitely gotto go there sometime, keep having fun Matt

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