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So precious! Chery blossims in Japan are really legendary and just as beautiful as I pictured them.

When planning my trip to Japan, everything I read said try to go when the Cherry Blossoms were blooming. Glad to see you made it there when they were in full swing.

Photos like these make me so happy we’re starting our upcoming RTW trip in Japan… but sad we’ll get there too late to enjoy sakura season.


Wait until I post more. Then you’ll be even more excited!

Gorgeous! The cherry blossoms have come and gone in Korea…I wish they stuck around a bit longer!

Haven’t been around in Japan when the cherry blossoms are blooming, but might need to do so!

omagah, that’s SOOOO pretty!! It doesn’t even look real! Does this only happen in the Spring?

Gorgeous shot, Matt – love the cherry blossoms here in Korea. I wish they lasted just a little bit longer, but I guess that’s part of the magic.

Beautiful. Reminds me ever so slightly of the Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC as well.

This is such a lovely photo! Cherry blossoms are so pretty :)

Nice photo, certainly reminds me of the Washington DC Cherry Blossoms (gift from Japan)

These cherry blossoms are gorgeous! I’ve lived in DC and Madrid (where they are also surprisingly gorgeous) and am dying to see them in Japan too. Great shot Matt!

The cherry blossoms are nice. I saw them in Japan in March 2010 and then in Korea for a few years. They sure don’t last long.


I wish they lasted longer.

The best period of japan, atmosphere is feeling very good!

Definitely one of the best times to visit Japan. You were lucky to see them if you were there in May. Mid-April is the best time, especially in cities like Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. I love how the sakura looks when they are set against a red crossing bridge.

Cherry blossoms are wonderful, they were the highlight of my last trip to Japan.

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