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Aaahhhh, Matt, you tempt me! One of my favorite cities! :)

Right now, I remain in dreary Seattle… :P

I would like to get to this part of the country sometime..

i would love to be there! we just came in from swimming in our lake – i am very cooled down!

Hard to believe Budapest’s residents have been enjoying the natural hot-water springs and culture of bathing and spas since Roman times. Amazing.


They are spoiled…as are those in Bath, England!

Actually, it was the Turks who brought the concept of bath houses to Hungary in the 15th century. The Romans did, too, but after the 4th century, it pretty much died out.


Budapest is just a flight away :)

I wish we could get into this type of thing in the US. ahhhh….


You and I both.

Wow, look lovely! Will jump to that water someday when I visit Budapest!

Hey Matt,

I’m pretty sure I was there the same day you were. I’ve been living here in Budapest for 6 months now, and a friend of mine, a travel writer, wanted to go check it out. It was so much fun, I went back the next day. Still can’t get my head around how the whole process works over there, though. There are 99 pools, 3 of them outside. It attracts mostly locals, but also tourists because of its popularity. But I did see a lot of confused travelers mulling about. Once I figure out the system (I had two separate experiences in two days), I’m going to post something on my own blogsite.

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