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Interesting is that the Palace is in a sense similar to the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. The position just near the river, the long side looking at the waves. Well, I have to say that the Winter Palace is much more “joyful” (white and azure colors” but the idea is the same. Mmmm… those were relatives with the Queen…


nice angle of my favourite London building. Amazing piece of architecture. I’ve never seen this angle before. It must be outside of the tourist trail.


It’s on the other side of the river.

Ah, Big Ben and the parliament. I only live half an hour away from the building nowadays but I used to admire it only from images years ago, though the feelings haven’t changed – I still feel totally inspired just by looking at the image. When did you take this photo? The last time I saw it a few weeks ago there was a scaffolding all over Big Ben.

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