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Gorgeous! Makes me want to go back RIGHT NOW! :-)


After you posted this on your photo album of Fiji last night, I made this exact photo my laptop background. Fun coincidence!

Haaaa. Beachcomber. Takes me way back.


Looks beautiful! Reminds me of the islands in vanuatu, have you been there as well?


absolutely stunning!

I want to go to there :)

Ahhhh….. beautiful – along with no doubt millions of other backpackers, fond, wonderful memories of doing the Bula Bula Dance (a tropical Macarena!), lazing around and swimming in beautiful seas wishing I had a little more money left to go diving…How is it these days? Any recent visitors? (Mine was about 10 years ago, just before a coup and a hurricane!)


I am so jealous of all of your travels and your pics. This one is stunning, I hope to make it there some day. Keep up the good work, it is encouraging me to want to get away for a few days… or forever!

Stunning Picture! My favorite Fiji island is Taveuni.It is a verdant paradise for nature lovers and lovers alike. It is home to dense rain forests, over a hundred waterfalls and rivers, world famous dive sites, world class fishing and wonderful cultural experiences. Taveuni Island really is a magical Paradise nestled in tropical Fiji.


Where in Fiji is it?

so perfect it hardly looks real…if you are going back take me!

You lucky lucky b…….

Yes, I’m very jealous!

awwww…. I feel relaxed already.

I like the new header too. :) – Beth

gorgeous! i want to be there!

I’d love to be somewhere tropical and warm right now.


Cant wait im going at christmas time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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