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One of my favorite pieces of architecture in the world.

I want to go here. Seen this pic too many times recently.

Looking forward to see the finished result.

Just my luck, there’s always scaffolding on the stuff I want to see. :) Found you while looking for fellow travel bloggers today.

Barcelona is one of my favOURite (note the spelling) places in the world. Did you happen to see the Barcelona naked old man that walks up and down the streets?

I love how when you look up at the spires they seem to sway… creepy but awesome building!


Hey Matt!
Love the Sagrada Familia… hate the cranes. A lot of people here in BCN say that the Sagrada Familia will never be finished for 2030, the projected end date. Another related tidbit is that a tunnel for a high speed train is being built directly under the church and studies have indicated that there is some risk of the Sagrada Familia collapsing. Seriously! I’ll keep you posted.

Great shot Matt. I think it’s a real shame they decided to complete the building though. First time I went in 1996 the new work hadn’t been going on too long; by the time of my last visit in 2004 far more had been added and I didn’t think the new parts looked as good, I really think they should have left it as it was when Gaudi died, it would have been even more beautiful.


@Anil: I thought it was slightly overrated but i do like this shot.

@Erica: You will be waiting awhile! They have been building this for about a century.

@carmen: there always is! :(

@anna: nope! where is he?

@monna: collapsing? after over a century of work, that would be insane!!!

@geoff: thanks! I agree. I wasn’t too impressed. I’d be more impressed if they left as a half complete church. I think it would give the place history and an air of eerieness. but in a good way!

They’re still working on this?!?!? Saw it in 2001 and it hasn’t changed. What gives?


@Tanya: They are very slow….too many seistas :)

Great shot. They certainly work slow.

While I loved visiting this iconic Gaudi project (which reminded me of creating sand castles at the beach by squeezing and dripping really wet sand through my hand), his completed buildings and Park Guell made me wonder what kind of recreational pharmaceuticals he utilized to create such bizarre and fantastical art.

they cant finish it i would leave it as it is, gaudi is not there any more to do it

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