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matt – this is SUCH a cool photo. i’d love to know more about it!

How did the Buddha head got swallowed by the roots? Good picture!


No idea but my guess is they had it up and they got the tree to grow around it.

Totally agree with the above commentators. What a cool photo!


Best city in Thailand.

I think everyone that visits Ayutthaya takes this photo. The most famous bodyless Buddha in the world.

Banyan trees grow like weeds around abandoned temples in SE Asia and tend to engulf everything. This particular one is a particularly photogenic accident, but we also enjoyed feeling like Indiana Jones exploring the less tourist-ed temples of Angkor Wat.


I have the exact same photo! My husband and I went to Ayutthaya in February of this year. We loved Thailand and had such a fantastic time! Some of our best photos came from this city. Anyone who is thinking about going to Thailand should do it! It was an incredible trip!


It’s a beautiful place. I think lots of people have this photo.

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