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I love the contrast the bright orange robe of the young monk brings to this photo.

The scale and dimensions along with the contrast is amazing ..


I heard that excess tourism has led to this place being very unpleasant to visit these days

I agree with Theresa. The contrast works great.

Striking photo that sets a kind of spiritual mood. It must be a special place to visit.


With bright contrasts, the picture is amazing. Does it always look so ?

I have heard so much about this place that I can not wait till next year. Next year planning to go there & your posts will come handy.

This is one of my favorite photos so far.

Great capture, NM. I could have some fun with this in Photoshop.


@cuckoo: yes it does!

@greenerman: yup! it’s always crowded!!

@theresa/lakshmi/erica: yes, the contrast is what I love about this photo too…it just came out so perfect.

@mark: it is! You should go…angkor wat is a must for every traveler!

@christy: thanks!

@stevo: ooo yeah, what kind of fun!?


Great photo! Did it take long to get a photo with no tourists in it?!

i so really wanna visit cambodia. I’m close to visiting it last year but… so near yet so far…
hopefully this year. :)


it’s not true that it’s over crowded. in fact recently it’s been thru a downturn. i was there with my wife 6 months ago, and found most of the time that we were alone in poignant places like the one in the photo above.

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