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I am a huge fan of your blog and actually have my own blog about my year as an exchange student in Vicenza, Italy. I just wanted to say that it is an awesome feeling to look at your blog and see my hometown on there – I am from Frisco, CO, about 15 minutes away from Keystone!


My friends in Frisco! They live in Dillon! Small world!

It sure is! So I read in one of your earlier posts that you are planning a trip to Europe for May. Are you going to be visiting Northern Italy by chance?

Tariq Mirani

What did you do with ‘the world is boring’ post? A lot of people put a lot of time into some interesting discussion there – please don’t tell me you just deleted it all?


I did not delete the article. It’s simply private at the moment. The reason is because of comments like yours. Instead of debating the article, comments simply became an excuse to attack me personally. It has nothing to do with a conceited ego. But if people are simply going to use the comment section to fill my space with hate speech then I’m going to turn comments off and when I do that, folks like you spam every post with the same message yelling at me and when I turn the post to private you do the same. I’m damn if I do and damned if I don’t. While I welcomed the debate in the beginning, when comments got unduly hateful and personal, I didn’t see a need to allow any more.

Tariq Mirani

So just turn comments off across your site then if people aren’t using them how you want them to -its not rocket science. It really is childish to just delete a whole discussion because you’re offended.

Earl Squirrelson

I understand why you took it down Matt, most people were simply expressing their opinion, but yes the hateful comments weren’t needed. Not everyone is always gonna agree….


The world would truly be boring if people did. I just got tired of spending my time moderating comments that were essentially “Matt, you #$%$%#$%”

Another nice picture…so good to see snow snow snow!


The scenery looks awesome! I’ve been contemplating a trip to Keystone, now I really want to go!

Anis Salvesen

Interesting. I thought your “World is Boring” post was great. As a traveler who is not (yet) jaded, I found it incredibly thought-provoking. I was actually going to suggest to my friend that she write a blog post about it.

I don’t understand why people were upset. As I recall, you were just saying something about how the grass is always greener on the other side,but no matter what side you live on, you still have to cut and water the grass; the only real difference across countries and cultures is in how we do that lawn maintenance.

Sorry to hear people didn’t behave and acted disrespectfully. I think those people need to make a serious resolution this year to be nice – or at least not disrespectful.

On a brighter note, Keystone looks amazing. I forwarded the link to my husband, and even though I can’t see him, I’m pretty sure he’s drooling. He’s a Scandinavian transplant to the San Francisco Bay Area, and we haven’t gotten him up to the snow as often as we should. I’m thinking Colorado might now be on our bucket list.


The skiing out there was great. I highly recommend it. Go on the weekdays when there are less lines!

Thanks for the comment about the article. I’m glad someone got what I was trying to say.

I just happen to trip over your blog, I browsed it a little and it is great! This picture makes me wanna lear some serios skiing :)

Great photo. Keystone is a gem and great for the dolks that have the good fortune to ski there.


I don’t have major advertisers lol.

I took it down because it got too hard to moderate out the vitriol of hate.


I know!

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