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St. Petersburg

Ah the sun and the moon…somehow looks like a solar eclipse :) The smiling moon eating into a slightly grumpy-looking sun!

Joey Phi

Weird, I saw something very similar here in Peru, just a few days ago! Collective consciousness.

When i saw the title of this photo I had a feeling it was in the tampa area.. remember the name by any chance? that looks very familiar

There are some inspiring things you can only find in Florida.


It is at the Saturday Market in St.Petersburg, Florida.


Why is this so beautiful and tropical?! Of course it is in Florida! I have found so many treasures while traveling and I have honestly found the best ones while traveling within the states in random places like Florida and all throughout the south/east. Truly a unique place and one of my favorites. The culture and life style is just much more laid back than I am accustom and to vacation there is a thrill. I was just in Florida actually and it was so warm! Palm Bay actually, at the Palm Bay Hotel ( Affordable as can be and I really enjoyed the lay out, so easy to maneuver.

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