The Weekly Photo: A Beggar in Romania

By Nomadic Matt | Published August 14th, 2011

a beggar ins brasov, Romania

A beggar in Brasov, Romania

(What I like about this photo is the way the beggar is being ignored and in the background. In a way it could be a statement about his place in society.)

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I am also curious why there’s a round hole in every big brick in the wall..


Begging in Romania is more prevelant than anywhere else i’ve been too, including India. I dont want to come across as uncaring or insensitive, but begging is almost a career for some there…. I was in Romania in the mid 90s,, the country was a mess and there were a lot of orphan beggars, or so i thought. However, it turns out that some families were intentionally crippling their children in order to get more sympathy from tourists and others. After hearing that i am now much more reluctant to give money directly to beggars, i’d rather provide it to some charity instead.

BTW The round hole’s in the bricks are for lifting with the use of a crane type contraption.

Ginny Beagan

Before I read your caption. I thought those three people were putting their funds together to turn around and give it to the beggar. Perception.

The same scene the world over. I’m amazed at how many Londoners never even see beggars (or pretend not to anyway). As they say we’re only all 3 pay cheques from the gutter so if for no other reason other than selfish preservation you’d think more people would dig some change.


But — There is millions of beggars in the world. Giving some chance to one, whom will use them to buy a beer won’t help. Also, some beggars could easily get a job. :-)
Better throw your chance into an organisation for helping beggars.


I always give. I am very fortunate in my life. I feel the need to give back.


That is no beggar for sure, just a pathetic drunk punk trying to get people into giving him money to buy more booze. begging is real business for gipsies and their countless typical for Romania. I sopped giving money to those who really ask for it long time ago. I prefer to give money to old people who barely make it from one day to another and can barely carry themseleves and who never never say a word about their needs.And never give money, money is never enough..I always buy them something to eat, at least I will be assured he ate something for the day..


Don’t judge those you don’t know. Who can say what he is?


Matt, I bet Simona is Romanian and so am I. So it’s easy for us to explain how they are, because we know them and we know what they do with the money.
And don’t get fooled, some of them leave the ‘begging place’ in taxi ;) Or drink everything they get. That’s why Romanians become more indifferent or prefer to give them food instead of money. Although they sometimes refuse the food, even they were claiming they need money because they are hungry.


I live in Romania now and on my first day there, I guy asked me from some some lei so he could buy some food. I told him I would give it to him if he showed me where there was a grocery store. He showed me, I gave him the money, and he bought himself a beer. The best thing to give beggars is food, not money.


I don’t mind if they buy beer. If I was homeless, I’d want a beer too.


Just to be clear beggars are gypsies NOT Romanians. This is their chosen career which is why they get ignored. Sometimes they spit at you or try to steal from you if you actually say No … trust me ignoring them is the best response.

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