The Best Travel Tweeters on Twitter

By Nomadic Matt | Published December 8th, 2009

Travel TwittersJust like everyone has their own good iPhone travel apps list, everyone has their own best travel Twitterers list. Most just create a long list of a lot of names. With this list, I broke it down into categories and tried to give you people who are considered experts in what they do and command a big following:

(Last Updated: April 2012)

Gary Ardnt (@everywheretrip) – Gary has been traveling around the world for about 3 years and has been to about 60 countries. He’s a wealth of information and has one of the biggest sites on the web.
Christine Gilbert (@almostfearless) – Christine left the world of Fortune 500s to become a digital nomad. Her popular blog is inspiration to people all over the world.
Craig and Linda Martin (@indietravel) – Craig and Linda run the award winning Indie Travel Podcast, which features tips and tricks for independent travelers.
Chris Christensen (@chris2x) – Chris runs another podcast called the Amateur Traveler which features weekly destination stories from regular travelers.
Brett Snyder (@crankyflier) – The Cranky Flier is an expert on, well, flying and as such is an amazing resource for airline news, flight deals, and flying tips.
Kim Mance (@kimmance) – Kim is the editor of Go Galavanting as well as founder of Travel Blog Exchange and the TBEX conference. She specializes in female travel.
Uncornered Market (aumarket) – Audrey and Dan have been on the road for about 3 years and are currently in South America. They are also a wealth of knowledge and have great photos.
Carrie Kellenberger (@globetrotteri) – Author of My Several Worlds, Carrie is an expert in teaching in Asia, Taiwan, and photography.
Peter West Carey (@pwcarey) – Peter is an amazing photographer and has hilariously funny tweets.
The Lost Girls (@lostgirlsworld) – The Lost Girls are three friends that went around the world together and run the independent women travel blog of the same name.
Heather Poole (@Heather_Poole) – Writer for Gadling and flight attendant for an unnamed airline, Heather offers funny tweets about life at 30,000 feet.
Andrew Hayes (@andrewghayes) – Andrew is a traveler as well as an online media expert and as such, helps travelers and travel companies with both.
Darren Cronian (@travelrants) – Author of the UK based consumer travel blog Travel Rants.
Jamie Pearson (@travelsavvymom)- For all those with kids that want to be travel savvy, Jamie can help get you where you need to go and keep the kids happy at the same time.
Debbie Dubrow (@deliciousbaby) – Author of the incredibly popular Delicious Baby blog, Debbie is a great resource for people who want to travel with kids.
Nora Dunn (@hobonora) – Nora Dunn has insightful tips, interesting stories, and great advice on how to live on the road on a budget.
Stuart McDonald (@travelfish) – The ultimate resource on travel in Southeast Asia.
Brian Kelly (@thepointsguy) – The expert on credit card rewards and sign up bonuses. If you want to maximize points for free flights and hotels, Brian is the expert.
Sherry Ott (@ottsworld) – Former corporate drone turned world traveler, Sherry offers a lot of advice for people looking for a career break and even runs a yearly conference called Meet, Plan, Go.
David Lee (@rtwdave) – Dave has been traveling the world for about as long as I have and has a great website on backpacking.
David Dean (@driftingkiwi) – Dave is a former banker turned nomad turned tech guru.
Chris Richardson (@theaussienomad) – Like his name says, Chris is an Aussie nomad who is also a WordPress and tech expert. He makes his living freelancing while he travels the world.
Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana) – Kirsten is a world class travel photographer.
Michael Hodson (@goseewrite) – Michael is an ex-lawyer who writes an interesting blog on the quirky observations he sees around the world. He tweets a lot of good travel articles.
Julia Dimon (@juliadimon) – TV host and blogger, Julia shares great travel tips, funny stories, and articles.
Kristin Luna (@lunaticatlarge) – Writer, blogger, celebrity interviewer, Kristin Luna’s tweet take you to exotic places and will brighten up your day. She’s quite witty too.

Professional Writers
Jason Cochran (@bastable) – Frommer’s guidebook author, former AOL editor, freelancer, close friend, and personal mentor.
strong>Andrew Evans (@wheresandrew) – Andrew Evans works for National Geographic and travels the world, leaving a trail of Twitpics along the way. He shares some amazing photos.
Jen Leo (@jenleo) – LA Times writer and lead travel blogger.
Pam Mandel (@nerdseyeview) – PR whiz, writing guru, and an amazing ukulele player.
Chris Elliott (@elliottdotorg) – Consumer travel advocate that is always keeping the big companies on their toes.
Robert Reid (@reidontravel) – Senior US Editor for Lonely Planet, writer of 24 guidebooks, and author of hilarious observations from the road.
Seth Kugel(@frugaltraveler) – NYT writer on all things frugal and travel related.
Matt Gross(@worldmattworld) – NYT writer and expert on budget travel and getting off the beaten path. He also contributes to a lot of other magazines.
Michelle Higgins(@frugaltraveler) – NYT writer on all things frugal and travel related.
Grant Martin(@grantkmartin) – Editor in Chief at Gadling.
David Farley(@davidfarley) – Food and travel writer, managing editor at AFAR magazine.
Wendy Perrin (@wendyperrin) – Editor for Conde Nast Traveler with great advice at getting deals on luxurious spots around the world.
Rachel Friedman (@friedman_rachel) – Author of “The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost.”
Leif Pettersen (@leifpettersen) – Hilariously funny and witty Lonely Planet writer.
Spud Hilton (@spudhilton) – Travel editor for the San Francisco Chronicle.
Julie Schwietert (@collazoprojects) – Julie is a bilingual writer and the managing editor of Matador Network, and is one of the contributing writers for Fodor’s Puerto Rico and Fodor’s Caribbean.
Benji Lanyado (@benjilanyado) – Journalist for the Guardian and New York Times, Benji has very interesting tweets and stories.
Kevin May (@kevinmay) – Editor of the travel business website, TNOOZ.
Scott Mayerowitz (@globetrotscott) – AP reporter who discusses industry and consumer issues. One of the best out there.

Random Bigshots
Bruce Poontip (@brucepoontip) – CEO of Gap Adventures, the best sustainable tour company out there.
Pauline Frommer (@paulinefrommer) – Help runs Frommers guidebook with her father, author of her own amazing travel guidebooks, and has a weekly radio show.
Peter Greenberg (@petersgreenberg) – Travel guru for pretty much everything.
Johnny Jet (@johnnyjet) – Johnny Jet’s website was one of the first big travel sites on the web. If you are looking for good deals, Johnny Jet has them.
Rolf Potts(@rolfpotts) – The original vagabond, Rolf Potts is the author of Vagabonding and Marco Polo Didn’t Go There.

Travel Magazines
Matador Travel (@matadornetwork) – Matador offers the web great writing from everyday travelers.
Vagabondish (@vagabondish) – Vagabondish is great for inspiring articles, photos, and weird travel news from around the world.
Gadling (@gadling) – Great daily travel tips and stories to inspire you to travel.
Jaunted (@jaunted) – Like Gadling, Jaunted has the best in travel news and tips from around the globe, except they have a bit more about the “pop culture” of travel and weird news.
EuroCheapo (@eurocheapo) – If you are looking to save money while traveling in Europe, you’ll want to follow this website.
World Hum (@worldhum) – For the best in online travel articles by leading travel writers, World Hum is the place to go. Their articles transport you to exotic locations.
Budget Travel (@budtravel) – Budget Travel magazine’s Twitter account is filled with good budget tips, travel news, and articles.
Tnooz (@tnooz) – Online magazine about the travel industry.

Travel Companies
I decided against including travel companies on this list. Everyone has their own opinion about what makes for a good travel company and we all have our favorites. I have mine. But since every company in the world is on Twitter these days, the top travel companies to follow online are the ones you simply like the best.

Not on the list? Don’t take it personally. It was hard choosing the names to be included. There are many people who offer a lot of good advice and tips and are great travel tweeters. However, you can leave your name in the comments to let people know about you.

And, of course, you can follow me on Twitter! I’m @nomadicmatt.

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Good list, few new names for me to add! Thanks bud!

Excellent. Some interesting names there I haven’t seen before :) Look forward to check them out. A few I’m missing too like @soultravelers3, @sheilas and @craiggrimes to name some.

A great list Matt, a few new ones there for me!


Hi Matt. Good list! Don’t forget @megoizzy, aka professional travel writer Megan Eaves :-) See

Hey Matt, thanks for the mention!

I feel “in the know” since I follow a lot of these fine twitterers/bloggers too. But some are new to me. We’ve just relaunched our family travel web site, in case anyone would like to take a look! Lisa @TheWorldCalls

A couple corrections: Spud’s actually the Chronicle travel ed. And Stef has 1.4 million followers and is on track to make that 1.5 by the end of the month. (I should know; she’s a good friend of mine and told me yesterday!) She wouldn’t be too happy with you if she found out you’re “belittling” her online celebritydom by saying she has a meager one million, ha.


I made the changes…I didn’t realize that Stef has so many…it’s hard to keep up with her :)

Awesome list! I totally agree with the picks I’m familiar with, and am stoked to find some new tweeters.

So sad not to be included – but as you say, there are a lot of awesome travel blogs and travel writers from which to choose. And I’m sure I’ll find a few to check out in or list that I hadn’t previously known about!

What a phenomenal list of great travel experts/resources!
Thank you for putting this together!


Groovy list Matt, and thanks for including me!

Thanks for this list, Matt, and for including Matador and myself on it.

Great list! There were definitely a few of the travel bloggers I hadn’t followed yet!

I also tweet about RTW womens travel: @ShannonRTW Cheers and thanks!

Niche is everything, isn’t it? I fear my niche is so tiny that people don’t know whether to put me in travel or books. I write about books (and movies) that inspire and encourage travel at A Traveler’s Library. Drop by. No fines for late returns.

Hi Matt,

Fabulous line up. Many I already follow and a few new gems I’d missed.
I’m diggin’ your ebook and passing the word on my travel website. Lots of questions answered.

Always fun to learn new sources of inspiration and information. Thanks for the heads up.

In the spirit of adventure,

Ellen Barone

Great list, Matt!

If travelers want to read personal experiences or read up on travel tips, follow me :-) @IsabellesTravel


Thanks Matt – only trouble with having such a comprehensive list of tweeters and bloggers is that it means I may never leave the screen. That’s budget travel!


ha! that’s my problem too!

I always find someone new to follow on your lists. Thanks for including us and taking the time to put this together. Enjoy your time in New Zealand!


I DID take it personally. There should have been a section for ‘Favourite UK based Travel Tweeter who I drank beer with and that I think are really awesome’


Cam x


ha! I said I wouldn’t include companies lol :) I still enjoyed our beer

Thanks Matt. This answers the question: “where in the world did all these new followers come from?!”


That was the question a lot of people had. I’m glad I could help!

Top notch list Matt! Thanks for pointing me to a few new folks to follow :)

And for those interested in Travel Tips and who share my twin passions -France and Italy, I can be found on Twitter @MyMelange.

Happy Travels Matt!

Fine list, Matt! All sorts of great folks included and several new ones we’re excited to check out.

This list is the bomb Matt! I’m going to make many more friends on Twitter now. Maybe next year I’ll make the cut :) – Beth

Thanks for the list, Matt.
Professional Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown blogs at “What a Trip.” I tweet @Nancydbrown

What about hotels on Twitter? There are some really great ones, like the Hyatt Concierge Twitter account. Extremely helpful!


As I said, companies are such a personal thing that your favorites might not be mine so I left them off the list!

Awesome list! I’m following most of these Tweeps, but found a few new ones too. And thanks for the include – I’m stoked.

I’ll give a shout out to a couple more…
@rtwdave – tons of great info and responds to questions!
@careerbreakhqs – career break travel tweets
@ottsworld – well…that’s me

Thanks for the list Matt

Love UncorneredMarket, NoraDunn and AndrewHayes, I will be sure to check out the others on the list. Cheers.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for including me on such a great list of travel folks. I’m honored!


Dang that’s a long list! Who knew there were so many travel tweeters out there, (well besides you knowing it I mean).

Thanks for sharing, and I echo the commentors above who requested a Twitter list we can subscribe too.

Cheers! Maybe I’ll see you on your Next Flight Home.

Thanks for the the mention! I’m psyched to fatten out my list of great travel Tweeps, and I have a feeling your list will become the one to watch in the months to come. Look forward to the updates!

These are great- you should also check out my blog for Travel Deals and Steals, updated daily! @BostonTravelGuy.

Hi Matt, You’ve compiled a fab list. It makes a great resource as does your ebook which I recently purchased. However, if your readers are interested in hidden treasure travel they should think about following me: @jcreaturetravel

Great list. This is sure to distract me for several hours plus!


You haven’t met me yet ! I’ve just celebrated my 10th anniversary of itinerant living. Long live alternative lifestyles !

Great list. It’s always nice to check out these lists, see a few classics and find new peeps to follow. Fab job!


Great list – thanks for sharing

A couple of sites we hope render the social voice of travel

Cheers – @globtrot

This list is top-notch, Matt. Thank you for it. For those folks interested in a gazillion travel tips from a woman’s point of view, you can find me at: @journeywoman. I’ll tell you everything from where the Queen of England buys her bras to how to deal with toilets around the world.

I’ve just recently joined twitter so this is very useful – thanks

Great list and many are friends, former guests on our radio show or followers and followees.

Thanks for sharing and please remember to include @TravelnOnRadio on your next list.

Great list. I follow most of them already but there are a couple that are new to me so that’s always good.

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the list. A lot of new travel tweeters to follow…
For luxury travel news I invite you to follow us

Great what u done here Matt,
We all see what traveler get from changing from places to places.
Brilliant and interesting story composed here.. I will come and keep reading.

Btw : If anybody wanna read some RARE places about Malaysia (im writing in English and local language) , come and have a visit to my blog, just started in a week. Have a nice day Matt!

Being new to Twitter, this list helps. Good Neighbor Insurance has alot of clients living in exotic and far away places that may be able to go to the places recommended/visited by travel tweeters. So thanks.
Follow us on twitter @GoodNeighborIns.

Thanks for the list Matt! I’m a host of a National Geographic travel TV show who has traveled to over 80 countries….hope you’ll consider adding me to future ‘Top Travel Tweeters lists’

Hi Matt —
Great list that you put together! And your ebook ‘Make Money with Your Travel Blog’ is full of great advice.
Please add me to your next version of this list. @smartwomentrav
Seen on Good Morning America, CBS, and more.
Carol Margolis

Great list! I have followed everyone one on the page :)

Thoughtful list. Found some new people to check out.Some of my favorite travel Tweeters are not there, but we all have different opinions and that’s what makes life (and Twitter) interesting.
Anyone interested in what’s going on in Santa Fe follow me on Twitter @santafetraveler or read my travel articles.

Cheers for the list Matt – really useful. I’m now following even more intriguing travel tweeters ;) Just in case anyone reading is looking to expand their travel tweeters collection even further, I’m @OverlandTravel …!

@ItalianAmerGirl has a great list of Italy travel tweeters, inlcluding moi!

fun list! i love these things.

follow us @WanderingEds – we’re a travel resource for global educators.

great many out just following a few – I tweet fm India thought @lakshmisharath

hay! great job done here. i found it very use full and work done here is really appreciated. finding blogs with google page rank was never so easy. thanks to auther.


Just found this list… it’s fantastic. Dreaming of the day I work myself on to it!

Peter Parkorr

Aren’t we all Kim :)

Great List Matt! The Budget Travel one is incorrect though…it should be @budgettravel not @budtravel

Thanks for this! @HTGlobe

Uncornered Market is @umarket as well not amarket :)

Great list, man. As you suggested, Nemo’s Travels: @nemostravels

I just started using twitter and so far my timeline is a steady stream of Bieber love. This list should help remedy that. And if it doesn’t, I’m left with two options: give up Twitter or give in to Bieber.

This is a very useful resource for Twitter travel newbies! Thanks Matt.


this is so helpful! thank you from a pr intern!

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