The Top Things to See and Do in Madrid

My first time in Madrid was a failure. I got sick and only ended up making it out for half a day before retreating back into bed, cursing a cold that kept me from experiencing one of Europe’s great cities.

On my train trip through Europe last month, I entered Madrid tired from an overnight train but in wonderful health, and I set out to right a wrong. Madrid would be explored, dissected, drank, and eaten through.

A couple of weeks ago, I took you on a food tour of Madrid. This week’s Wednesday video highlights the top six things I loved about the city.

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Madrid has a lot more to offer than what’s included in this video, from food tours to flamenco dancing to outstanding nightlife to a growing gin and tonic obsession.

You’ll never be bored in Madrid. There’s so many things to do there, but the activities mentioned in this video will give you a good starting point.

  1. A place I’d highly recommend in Madrid is the Joaquin Sorolla Museum. It’s a beautiful building with his paintings and his studio preserved and still active. Sorolla was a great underrated Impressionist painter if you don’t know. Highly recommended!

  2. Great video Matt! I like that you’ve been doing more of them.

    Madrid gets undeserved bad rep when really it’s a world class city. Thanks for sharing and I’d like to see more videos like this of other cities.

  3. Dude, agreed on the allergies in Spain – mine have been RAMPANT this year down South! Madrid is a city that has really grown on me, particularly because each neighborhood has such a different feel. I usually spend weekend in La Capital just wandering around and grabbing camas with friends.

  4. Madrid is indeed beautiful and looks even better in winter. Travelling to spain to like walking down the garden filled with array of colorful flowers. Each city has it’s own flavour and that too a delicious one.

  5. Awesome tour of Madrid! I have to admit it conjured up a little envy as I sat here watching it behind my laptop. And I just got back from two weeks in Hawaii. No matter how much we travel, we always want to see more :-).

  6. Phil

    Dude, what about barrio Chueca, barrio La Latina, mercado San Anton, parque Retiro? All these places definitely deserve to be mentioned.

    According to the places you visited, it seems that you stayed in the same square mile in the city centre.

    To my opinion, Madrid is the most complete city in Europe: great history and many monuments, big boulevards, very clean, green area’s, great food, awesome party locations, bars and disco’s, nice hotels, friendly people, perfect public transport (metro), etc. The only downside is that it has no beach. That’s Barcelona’s one advantage!

  7. My first trip to Madrid was a failure, too – I had my backpack stolen on the way there! As a result, I have only very bad memories of my time there, moping around and feeling sorry for myself. I think I’ll have to get back on the horse, so to speak, and give it another go.

  8. I like the list. I didn’t see the navel museum but the Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace are great spots. A super city with great architecture.

  9. surbhi

    my advice to all those who are planning to visit Madrid. Kindly choose Lufthansa. My wife’s friend flew with them last summer and she was all head over heels. their connectivity is the best out there.

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