The Dalmatian Coast of Croatia

I didn’t really know what to expect from Croatia. Everyone I know raves about how beautiful and amazing the country is. Croatia is always on travel lists as the place you shouldn’t miss. So I went last week with a bit of excitement (warm weather, sun, beaches!) and trepidation (is this going to be a crowded tourist trap?). I was spending a week sailing around Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, and while it was overly bursting with people (July is peak season), Croatia blew my mind. Every day, I woke up to clear, cool blue water that beckoned me as the days reached close to 100 F (36 C). There were gorgeous medieval towns encased in their original protective walls and cloudless skies that were a welcome contrast to cloudy Stockholm. Here are some photos taken during my trip that don’t even begin to do the coast justice:

Dubrovnik black and white alley

Split from above

Sunset in Hvar

Split streets

Dubrovnik from the wall

Dubrovnik's center street

Dubrovnik's harbor

The Dalmatian Coast of Croatia was absolutely stunning. My only regret is that I didn’t get to spend as much time exploring each island as I would have liked. (I was tied to the schedule of my sailing trip.) But Croatia and I will reunite soon. There’s still so much of it to see, so many more parks, cities, and swimming holes to explore. I don’t know when I’ll be back, but I’ll be counting down the time in months, not years.

  1. Beautiful photos! I especially love the first one. I’ve never had much of a desire to visit Croatia before but everyone keeps talking about how amazing it is so maybe I’ll have to go again sometime. Your sailing trip looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Wow. I never even thought of visiting Croatia but now it’s a possibility at some point.

    Had to check out your site to see what you’ve been up to, more of no good it looks like and just what I would have expected. :) Seriously, way cool photos, great job.

  3. Holy crap, this looks amazing. Croatia has been on my must-see list, but this post means I need to move it up a few notches. Gorgeous. I’d love to know what company you used, too!

  4. Shaz

    Highly recommend doing a sailing trip which takes bikes so you can hop on and off. Otherwise companies like Exodus do an excellent island hop (no sailing) with bikes which allow you to explore the country a little more.

    Also recommend going a little more south to Montenegro – spectacular!

  5. The Dalmation Coast is absolutely stunning, and your pictures prove that! Sounds like you had a blast exploring Croatia and got an appetite for exploring it more! I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Taormina (Italy), but as I was looking through your pictures of Croatia I noticed the two places look very similar. Since you enjoyed the Dalmation Coast, you might also like visiting Taormina. Just a thought!

  6. Croatia definitely surprised me as well. I wasn’t too excited about the crowds in Dubrovnik but Split and Zadar were fantastic! The bus ride between the two was amazing as well.

    • Jon Dunn

      I’ll be doing that bus journey from Split to Zadar very soon, and can’t wait to have a look round north and central Dalmatia. Excited R us!!

  7. Hey there,

    Croatia (we hit Montenegro and Bosnia also) was one of our favorite trips to date. We’ve been north in Rovinj, but more recently, we spent six nights in Dubrovnik exploring Lokrum, Miljet Island, the Elephiti, etc. Check out my blog for a few water photos.

    Some of our other photos are on there as well. We didn’t get to do nearly everything we wanted in one week. Good luck with your travels post-Stockholm…

    We’re hoping to hit South Africa soon, and then Kenya/Tanzania next year. Going to Marrakech in a few weeks. Ever been?

  8. We spent three weeks in Croatia for our honeymoon a few years ago. It was incredible, and will be hard to top. Glad you got to experience it! I definitely didn’t think any of the reviews I read were exaggerated or misleading. It’s one place that has far surpassed my expectations and left me wanting more.

  9. Oh, it looks beautiful. I read about the Dalmatian Coast in a book about Eastern Europe and have been dying to go ever since. I love the pictures.

  10. Wow. Magnificent photographs you got there Matt! =) I absolutely love them!! Just by looking at the pictures makes me want to go to Croatia and explore the place just like you did. Even though you didn’t stay for too long, I’m sure you had a lot of unforgettable experiences there. It seems to be a very clean and peaceful place, with fine weather, antique yet wonderful buildings and also a very beautiful beach.

    Recently, I’ve been looking for potential places to travel to around the world and I might as well add Croatia to my list.

    I’m really looking forward to visiting this place very soon! :) Any tips? :)

  11. Sally Stretton

    Hey Matt!

    Your pics are gorgeous! I love the old and medevil like architecture! How is the food there? I would imagine great seafood! Never thought about Croatia but you have made me want to go!

  12. I’ll be with my family in Croatia next summer after a 2 1/2 week solo backpacking trip seeing some Eastern European capitals. I’m really looking forward to it. Is it true that there’s stray cats everywhere on the coast?

    Also, check out my blog about being 16 and traveling alone at

  13. Hi Matt! Thank you for your

    My fiancee and I are planning our honeymoon and are thinking about cycling north up the Dalmatian Coast from Split all the way into Istria. We anticipate arriving in Split in late June (around the 23rd). What were the dates of your visit? Do you have any handle on when tourist season on the coast begins?

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