The Best Sunsets I’ve Seen

It’s raining here in Bangkok, and as I was flipping through some photos, I realized I wanted to see some sun. Then I got the idea, why not blog about sunsets? I’ve seen tons of sunsets. I make it a point to see them. Not just “catch one,” but actively go find a place to watch. I love them. And not in the “I also like long walks on the beach” way. I love the colors, the calmness- sunsets are relaxing. So this Sunday morning, get relaxed with these great sunsets that I’ve seen. Sadly, this is only just snapshot. The whole things were great to sit and watch.

North Carolina Sunset
North Carolina, United States- January 2006

Costa Rica Sunset
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica- April 2004

Cambodian Sunset
Phnom Pehn, Cambodia- February 2007

Bangkok Thailand Sunset
Bangkok, Thailand- December 2005

Ko Lanta Thailand Sunset
Ko Lanta, Thailand- November 2006

Florence Italy Sunset
Florence, Italy- October 2006

Karijini Sunset
Exmouth, Australia- December 2007

The Grand Canyon Sunset
The Grand Canyon, Arizona- August 2006

New Mexico Sunset
New Mexico, United States- August 2006

Cambodian Sunset
Karijini National Park, Australia- December 2007

Ayers Rock Sunset
The Desert, Australia- January 2008

Placencia Belize Sunset
Placencia, Belize- January 2006

  1. I’m more of a sunset fan then a sunrise fan myself. They are relaxing as you think about the day that has passed by, what your night is going to bring. Although I haven’t experience too many sunrises… just not enough of a morning person!

    I have to agree that New Mexico one is amazing.

  2. Cuckoo

    Yes, my favourite is New Mexico one too. We get to see other shots but this one is quite different, almost enchanting.

    I always forget to ask you, how can I subscribe to these comments ? I can’t see the option here.

  3. Monna

    Lovely sunsets, Matt. I particularly like the one taken on the beach in Costa Rica. I hope Bangkok is treating you well!

  4. I don’t know which one’s my favourite. But from my own collection (or recollection), Santorini, Greece is my fave. Hmmm…I should actually post those photos…

  5. NomadicMatt

    @katie and geoff and cuckoo: it was one of the top sunsets i ever saw. the picture doesn’t do it justice.

    @monna: that was one of the first amazing sunsets i ever photographed

    @marina: Ko Lanta seemed to go on forever that night

    @quickroute: that was a great one…

  6. Lily

    Oh lovely!

    You should go to Jamaica… they have the most amaaaazing sunsets ever. I make it a point to sit and catch them too, with a rum &ting in my hand :)

  7. Great idea to post sunsets. Placencia, Phnom Pehn and Kho Lanta get my votes. I loved all of these places; and to see your sunset photos brings back memories.
    We were just in Africa last year, I see that you want to go on safari and climb Kili. They were part of our travel goals as well, and happy to say we have ticked them off of the list.
    Would love to be like you however and living in Thailand. One of my favourite countries on earth.

  8. This post makes me think someone should organize a collaboration for photographers to take a picture of the sun at the predicted hour of sunset on the same day in every country or even province around the world. That would be very cool.

    As always, I like your stuff. Enjoy Thailand!

  9. Gorgeous pics! Sunsets are a beautiful time to reflect on the day and a reminder of how magical and perfect life is. Where was the North Carolina sunset taken from? Koh Lanta and San Diego sunsets are equally enjoyable! I love how Americans clap and cheer when the sun finally dips below the horizon- I have never seen that done anywhere before!

  10. Matt,
    I could not agree more. The magical moment of the sunset remains one of my favorite parts of the day. It pauses yet seduces. That is also why every week, I post a sunset photo on my blog. Feel free to check them out.

    Also, my hats off to you on these photos…some amazing memories captured here. A toast to many more.

    stay adventurous,

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