Taiwan Lantern Festival

By Nomadic Matt | Published March 5th, 2009

Taipei Lantern Festival“Where are the lanterns?” I asked.

“These are the lanterns,” my friend said, pointing at the lit-up parade floats that littered the park.

“Huh? These are parade floats.”

“No, they are lanterns.”

Clearly, he and I had different opinions as to what lanterns are. Or maybe it was my cultural expectation that differed. In Thailand, they have Loy Kratong—a lantern festival that’s sort of like Thailand’s version of Valentine’s Day. Moreover, every month during the full moon, people light paper lanterns and watch them float off into the sky. It’s a sign of good luck. To me a lantern is something similar, and that’s what I expected when I went to the Taipei Lantern Festival a few weeks ago.

I figured there would be people lighting lanterns off into the sky as a sign of good luck and fortune. Instead I got parade floats. (Though they were still cool.)

The Taipei Lantern Festival is an annual tradition that commemorates the first lunar month of the new Chinese year, and since it’s the year of the ox, all the lanterns were of oxen. You had oxen farming, dancing, singing, getting married, and even heading to Macao. Wandering around the grounds, it was interesting to see the floats. Some were commissioned by businesses, and others were done by schools or private individuals, but all were fun to look at.

There were a lot of interesting floats, from farm scenes to a panda wedding. Take a look for yourself:
Taipei Lantern Festival
Taipei Lantern Festival
Taipei Lantern Festival
Taipei Lantern Festival
Taipei Lantern Festival
Taipei Lantern Festival

You can catch the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei right after the Chinese New Year. The lanterns are usually up for a few weeks.

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And in Japan, they have Toro nagashi, where they float lanterns down a river for those who have passed away.

Though different from what you were expecting, these ‘lanterns’ are amazing!! What a lot of work they must have been to make. Here, in Victoria, we have a yearly ‘Luminara’ festival that is modeled after a festival like this. It transforms a nearby park into a magical, unrecognizable wonderland – I love it!!

In Toronto, we have the Chinese Lantern Festival which runs from July to October. They have the most amazing lanterns on display there (not on floats, though).

I have never seen these big lanterns before. I like the last picture with the pandas. Cute!

Awesome pictures! Looks Amazing!

Wow, those are GIANT lanterns! Not at all what I’d expect from the name of the event, but gorgeous just the same.

Hi Matt!
Sorry I couldn’t visit you for the last two weeks! I’m trying to catch-up and see the wonders you have around!
The lanterns are amazing and your pics are outstanding!
Meanwhile, one of the most beautiful Forts in India waits you and your comments at Blogtrotter: – The Amber Fort! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Very cool pictures. I’d never heard of this before.


These lanterns (large though they may be) are amazing, Matt! I am looking forward to seeing the lanterns in Thailand when we move there… in just five months!

very colourful..Ive filmed the singapore lantern festival a few years ago..looks quite similar I must say

Those are so pretty! Thank for the good writing and pics.

Taipei Matt

Up in the mountains at Pinxi is where they release these huge lanterns each year, pretty spectacular. Although it would be cool if they did it down in the city too.

To get an idea see the video.


Chinese Lanterns

These Look really good, I imagine they take ages to make.

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