Big Site Updates (and Something Awesome for Other Bloggers!)

I’m not giving up traveling. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how I no longer wanted to travel long term. Many of you thought I was going to give up traveling. That’s not the case! I’m just going to be traveling in shorter bursts. In some ways, that is the essence of a nomad – you stay in one place until the seasons change and you move on.  That’s what I’m doing. I’m still a backpacker, still focused on budget travel, and  still want to explore the world. You probably wouldn’t have even noticed a change in my travels if I didn’t say anything! In fact, I spent this entire week in Prague, researching hostels, exploring the city, making some awesome new friends, and oversleeping my first international flight (because of a late night out with those friends)! So don’t fret – the tips and stories you’ve come to love aren’t going anywhere! I’m still focused on providing you budget travel tips every week. A lot of things are happening on the site, so today I want to give you some important updates:

Community Forums

Our community forum is growing rapidly! We have over 2,100 posts and close to 500 members. There has been amazing interaction and we’re getting information and tips on lots of off the beaten path destinations and ways to travel. I know a lot about travel but I am only one man. You’re a community of thousands. Your collective travel knowledge is greater than mine. These forums are a way for community members to help each other, share travel ideas, support and inspire each other, organize meet-ups, and find travel partners. Come join the forum and take advantage of this resource!

Reader Stories

I’m looking for some more reader stories! If you are a family on a round the world trip, European, Canadian, or Kiwi, or have volunteered around the world, email me! I want to to share your story on this website! My email is [email protected]

Blogging Course

If you are a blogger and looking to take your blog to the next level (or just someone looking to start one), let me teach you how. I’m continuing to add tons of features to my course, Superstar Blogging. Superstar Blogging is my course designed to help you succeed as a blogger – travel or otherwise. It contains all the methods and strategies I’ve used on my own blog. Everything I tell you in this course is something I do myself. It’s honest, proven advice from me and other blogging and business experts (I have a lot of interviews!). Here is a detailed breakdown of what you’ll get in the course:

  • 35 detailed lessons covering the following topics:
    • Branding
    • The Importance of Design
    • Social Media
    • Search Engine Optimization A-Z
    • Getting Media Coverage
    • Monetization Strategies
    • Sales Pages and Conversion Testing
    • Working with PR, Tourism Boards, and Brands
  • Copies of How to Build Your Blog and How to Make Money with Your Blog. (The course materials. A $37 value!)
  • Amazing hands-on technical support and WordPress help from Chris Richardson of RTW Labs. (He’s the genius who keeps this website running!)
  • An active forum for group support from other classmates and your course instructors!
  • Expert interviews from top bloggers to help grow your business even more.
  • Monthly webinars on various topics of blogging and Q&As to further expand your blog.
  • Online resources and suggested reading materials.
  • Hands-on technical help with physically building your blog.
  • Lifetime access.

Superstar Blogging is a self-taught course so you can move at your own pace. There’s no rush, no deadlines, no pressure. Whatever pace you move at, Chris and I will be there to help and support you along the way. We’ll answer any questions, fix any problems, and make sure you reach your full potential. If you’ve been thinking of upping your blogging game and want to turn your blog into something more than a side project, sign up for the course and start picking the brain of two experts today. We offer three membership levels so no matter what your blogging skill level is, there’s a place for you.


Last year, I ran a Kickstarter campaign and made some t-shirts. The leftovers flew off the virtual shelf a few months ago. I wasn’t going to make more but I received many emails asking me if I still had some so I went and made another batch of 30. If you want a Nomadic Matt t-shirt or a “Keep Calm and Travel On” shirt, click here for one.

Hiring a Copy Editor

I’m looking to hire a part-time professional copy editor to help catch all the mistakes I make and go through my archives as well as help with some upcoming book projects. If you are a professional copy editor and want to help make this site better, e-mail me your resume at [email protected]


I’m also working on a new guidebook series that will come out next month and feature ten destinations. They are big, detailed, and I’m very excited about them. Look for them mid-June. For the blog, I’ll be having stories on hitchhiking, an updated guide to finding cheap flights, walking and food tours in New York City, more reader stories, and some new destination specific posts on saving money!

Phew! So much going on! It’s going to be a busy next couple of months. Time to keep marching this site forward….but first, time for tea!

  1. Hey Matt!

    I am a long time reader, and owner of your “How to Build a Travel Blog” and “How to Make Money with Your Travel Blog” book — both of which are fantastic! Thanks again for the great information.

    I see that you’re looking into NYC walking and food tours. I work for a company called Free Tours By Foot, a “name your own price” walking tour company that offers tours in multiple cities all over the US. I live and work as a guide in DC, but we’ve got a TON of highly rated NYC tours that are worth checking out.

    I hope you don’t find this comment spammy. Being that you specified NYC walking tours and that your focus is on budget travel, I just had to give FTBF a shout out because I really think we offer what you and your audience is looking for!

    Cheers and thanks again for all the wonderful posts :)

  2. Great stuff Matt!!! I’m really enjoying you Superstar Blogging course and looking forward to putting all your great advice to use.

  3. Hey Matt, looks like you’ve got a lot of stuff going again! I know how you feel about slowing down the nomadic lifestyle. We’ve been on the road since 08 and already find ourselves staying in one country for months on end :S

    The fact that you’ve gone so hard for so long is amazing.

    The forum is a cool new feature and we plan to join soon. As for the blogging course, there are hundreds of them online but very few that are current and relevant to travel bloggers. I know you wrote it so it is for “all bloggers” but is there still information that pertains more towards travel blogging niche? Like press trips (I know your a little against them).

    Also, looking forward to seeing the guides coming out. We’ve made a few and they’re not easy. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from yours!

    Cheers and happy travels.

  4. hey Matt, glad to know your still traveling! You and you’re blog are a huge motivation to this young traveler and his young travel blog! I hope we may cross paths on the road one day! I’m currently spending 2.5 months in central America with a $700 budget goal, walking, hitch hiking, and camping; figuring out ways to have unique and amazing adventures on my budget, so like you, I can share the experiences and tips with the world!

    -I meant to post this originally as a comment rather than a reply

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