Oh, The Amazing Places You’ll Go!

This month seems to be the month for inspiration, which is fine because it’s the start of a new year so it’s a great time to get motivated and inspired. Once in a while, I come across some really interesting travel videos on the Internet that speak to me in a powerful way. I found this great video about backpacking that, at a time when I was feeling very unmotivated, made me remember why I loved traveling.

And, a few days ago after I posted on why there’s no tomorrow in travel, I came across the below video. Many of you might have seen it already (as of this writing it has over 830,000 views) but I wanted to share it for those who might not have seen it. It’s various people from the Burning Man festival reading Dr. Suess’s last book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

It’s an amazing video that is bound to brighten your day. Go watch it, enjoy it, and feel great about life.

This video has also made me finally decide to go to Burning Man this year.

Maybe I’ll see you there but if not, I’ll be thinking of all the other amazing places you’ll go this year.

  1. Thanks for sharing, Matt. Can’t wait to read about your experiences at Burning Man. Sounds like quite the interesting festival. Does anyone (Matt or others) have any particularly worthwhile Burning Man articles to share?

  2. sharan

    this is the third time i’ve come across this video and i promise to watch it every single time because it makes me so happy and excited!!! 😀

  3. Courtney

    I’ve been thinking about burning man every year for a long time now, but the logistics of getting there and bathing/sleeping/withstanding the heat have always held me back. I assume like backpacking in general it is much easier for men.

  4. I was really freaking close to going last year, but didn’t make the trip due to funds (which allowed me to be in Thailand right now instead). But next year, if I’m in the states, I am definitely making the trip to Burning Man.

  5. Hey Matt, I think I’ll try and go this year, or at latest next year. I met a few people while here in New Zealand that have had the chance to go and they said it is pretty freakin’ awesome!

  6. I recognised several people in that video :)
    I was there on the playa somewhere when they were recording it. Pity I didn’t get a line 😀

    You’ll enjoy it Matt, thanks for sharing the video!

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