Nomadic Matt’s Annual Reader Survey (Plus, Free Trip to Europe Update!)

help me improve the siteIt’s that time of the year again where I reach out to you and ask for your help on improving this site. I want to make this site as useful to you as possible so each year in September, I ask everyone to tell me what you like, don’t like, and what I can provide you to help you travel more.

I created a short survey that you can fill out. It’s 9 questions long and will take about 3 minute to complete. This survey helps me figure out what I can do better for you and improve this site. Please consider taking the time to help me make this site better! Click the link below to fill it out:

Nomadic Matt’s Reader Survey

Or, leave a comment below giving me feedback on the site.

Don’t forget – I’m giving away a 12 day trip to Europe!!!

There are only 3 days left to enter my European giveaway! You can win a twelve-day European trip to Budapest, Prague, and Vienna. Hostels (private rooms in Aboriginal Hostel, PLUS Prague and Wombat’s City Hostel – The Base), Eurail pass, and round trip airfare provided. The contest ends Friday and you can go anytime before April 30th, 2013 so that’s plenty of time to get a couple of weeks off work!

Come over, enter, and cross your fingers you win: Enter to win 12 days in Europe!

  1. Manuel

    hi Matt! I see that you wrote that the contest ends Friday. I though it was until september 15th (that is saturday). I´m making like a big project of my video because I rally want to win but I though I could send you that on saturday because, since I finish my internship this fridays Im really busy, and I need that extra day to work on my video. Please let me know, I dont wanna miss the contest. Also I would like to know what time zone you are using, to make sure I send the video on the right date for you (I´m from Venezuela, so we probably have a couple of hours of difference).

    There is my feedback to your blog! hope to be helpful.

      • Manuel

        mat-but you told m before on a email that I can send you my video on 15th, so I’m wondering where you will be at that day to know when the 15 end for you, you see, since I’m from Venezuela your day will end like 5 hours before it ends to me for the time zone.

        It is not that I’m leaving everything for the last minute, I’ve been working on that video for many nights but since is something original it requires time to be well done and I want to be sure that I dont miss the contest. Thanks

  2. Nice competition, I have forwarded it onto many.
    A request please.
    Ways to stay awake on a bus (or a train) so one does not fall asleep and go way past your bus stop when the bus driver or conductor did nor remember to tell you where to get off?
    Yes it happened to me here in Bangkok last night.
    I think it’s the first time even, in coming up to 6 years of travelling.
    I have woken up other people at times knowing the transport is at the end of the line and they have obviously missed their station. While in my short time in japan, I thought it would be great to have an GPS alarm so when one came close to designation your alarm would go off. Or have it built into the commuter service.

  3. Filled out the survey, but don’t really expect to win due to my long history of zero luck with things like this. But I figure never having any health problems or injuries makes up for that and is a better way to use up my luck anyway.

    Really I just wanted to say that I like the idea of getting feedback by combining it with a contest. I’ll have to make use of that myself once I get some actual readers.

  4. I filled out the survey but then started thinking about the posts that I’ve read over the years. If I could flip-flop around, I would say my favorite posts are when you give personal insight to a place that I’ve never been to. There… I changed my answer… Again.

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