May’s Reader Video Q&A

By Nomadic Matt | Published May 30th, 2013

It’s the end of the month so that means it is time to answer your questions. This month I got a ton of questions and, since I’m trying not to make the videos three hours long, I only answered a few but plan on getting to the rest in June.

I’m really getting into video and am going to start doing weekly travel videos – not only answering your questions but giving travel tips and highlighting destinations around the world.

Here’s me answering some awesome reader questions this month!

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Next month, I’ll be answering an extra large amount of questions so if you have one, leave a question in the comments section. Moving forward I have a great idea on how to handle all the questions I get but that’s going stay a secret for now. Why spoil the surprise?

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I recently found your blog and love it! It have definitely been encouraged to travel more by it. I will have some time off in February between school ending and finding a job. I was wondering what area of the world is best to visit during this time? I was reading some Europe and South American guide books and both mentioned that February was not the best time to visit. Should I consider Southeast Asia?

Hey Matt,

If the world were to end in a month’s time, and you had already said goodbye to friends and family back home, where would you travel to and why?

Dude… I want to know what happened to the dinosaurs. ;)
Enjoy eating and drinking in Paris, Matt!


Hey Matt love your site, Its really inspired me to take my first steps towards traveling the world
but i’m worried about being lonely while i do it. Was it easy to make friends when you first started? How would you deal with being alone?

Adrienne Morton

Man, finally someone wants to start the dinosaur conversation…:)
Matt, here’s what I want to know. Have you ever experienced the very real phenomenon that is called “island time”? I have lived in the caribbean all over and was quite surprised by how different the day plays out due to this. It is no joke. You?
Adrienne Morton


Ha! I love the far side!

Jessie Hernandez

What are your top everyday-spending credit cards for both US and international travel? Right now I have settled on the Starwood Amex for the US and am thinking of getting the Chase Sapphire Preferred for international travel (since it has no foreign transaction fees). I have been using the Amex Platinum, but the transfer partner list has been decreasing and am thinking the Chase card is better.

Another question: how do you accumulate points for everyday spending in China? I’m thinking a Discover Travel Rewards card would be the best choice here (since it’s partnered with UnionPay), but would love to get your input, as I might be spending a long time there and want to use as little cash as possible.


I would like to know about the best rewards card to use in China too. Cash is king over here, but it would be great to be able to rack up some points/miles for everyday spending if possible. Thanks!


You said to ask anything… you mentioned in an interview at that you left someone behind in Asia, and you feel you should have stayed. How do you think this regret will affect your decisions when it comes to travel and relationships in the future?

Sandra Siegel

About airplane reservations……I have enough points with American Express to get two round trip tickets to Europe. My husband and I are planning to go in September and stay for 3 + months. I would like to have the return flight open dated and perhaps from a different airport than the airport we fly into as I do not know where the end of the trip will find us (I know we plan to spend a month and a half in Italy to begin and will probably fly into Rome….depending on best airfare).

Should I ….(a) Book a roundtrip ticket with a confirmed return date and then
cancel the return leg and rebook at a later date (knowing that
there is probably going to be a $250 charge for each ticket)..or
(b) Is it possible to book the roundtrip with no return date….or
(c) Do I have to book two one ways….one when I go over and
the return leg from somewhere in Europe when the time comes
to go home. Will that work with a points airline ticket.

Sorry to make you read so much……and thank you.



Assuming you’ve traveled through the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. What tickets or frequent flyer status do you need to get into the airline lounges there? Quantas would not sell a day pass. It looked like other airlines were doing the same. Worst 6 hour layover ever sitting in the terminal.


Holly–this info might help:

It doesn’t mention credit cards, but I’ve also seen offers from United for credit cards tied to their Mileage Plus program that offer a few passes to their lounges. For example:


Matt–this isn’t a question but a comment. I just saw your World Nomads interview (via your post to Facebook) and I loved something you said, which describes EXACTLY how I want to travel in the (hopefully near) future: “I travel at the pace I want to go. Sometimes that means I’ll be in a city for two days, sometimes two weeks. I stay in a place until I feel I’ve seen enough and am ready to move on. I think that’s the best way to do it. That way there’s no pressure and you go at a pace that makes you happy.”

kristen larson

Hi Matt,
I am currently teaching in china (loving it) but need to know the best ways to travel around china during my holiday breaks. Unfortunately, i have not pick up the language as fast as i had hoped. and i am on a budget.

thanks so much, my goad is 5 countries in 10 years (to live and work)


Love the new site layout Matt! I always look forward to your monthly video Q and A sessions, saw your recent Madrid food tasting one too and look forward to seeing more. Safe travels. Jonny


We are going to travel around Australia for six months and if enough money left over want to travel N.Z. for one month. How should we book our airline ticket? Open return via N.Z. with Air N.Z. if that is possible or what. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Hey Matt or anyone else,

My husband and I are having a harder and harder time using guidebooks to decide where to travel. It isn’t so much the sights that we enjoy from travel, it’s getting to know the locals and the culture. I got so much more out of talking with some expats in a bar in Riga, and chatting with our hotel owner by the pool in Costa Rica, than I would out of so many museums.

Thing is, you can’t find these experiences when searching the index of a travel guide. Do you know of regions/cities that may be more conducive than others? Not really into nightlife (for one thing, it’s too loud to get a good conversation going) and we’re definitely more city-folk but don’t mind a nice village if it means getting to know locals.

Thanks! :)

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