Taking a Delicious Food Tour in Madrid

While I was in Europe earlier this month, I finally managed to visit Madrid. Years ago I went to Madrid but was deathly sick and didn’t do much while I was there. So as I spent spent a week riding the rails around Europe, I made Madrid a definite stop on my tour.

Since the city is famous for food, I decided I wanted to take a food tour and numerous people pointed me to the Madrid Food Tour, which turns out to be run by a fellow blogger I met at a conference last year (small world)!

So Lauren and James, who run the food tour, took me around Madrid and taught me the history of food in the city (warning: excessive ham eating occurs in this video):

I ate my way around Madrid during the four days I was there, moving from market to market and tapas restaurant to tapas restaurant. Regardless of whether you go on a food tour or explore for yourself, Madrid is full of delicious offerings and I hope this video helps you find them the next time you’re in the city.

Disclaimer: Despite me offering to pay, Lauren and James provided the food tour for free.

  1. Great video. The jamon iberico looks delicious! Will definitely be on the lookout for this. After watching the video I did a little research and found it wasn’t even available for sale in the US until 2005. Glad to read things have changed!

  2. Well, you made it to Chocolateria San Jines and Mercado San Miguel, and that’s as far as I watched the video. I lived in Madrid for many years. Wander down into La Latina. Lose the guides. That’s where you’ll find the real Madrid.

  3. I just recently went on my first food tour in Columbus, Ohio – okay so not quite Madrid but I think it’s a great way to get to know the area, restaurants, local culture, and of course the food. I hope to one day get back to Madrid and will definitely try this, thanks!

  4. Such a huge fan of Spanish food! Bring on the tapas and jamon iberico – love it all! Love the video – takes me back to trips to Barcelona and San Sebastian…mouth is totally watering!

  5. Thanks for the food tour tip, Matt! Everything looks amazing in the video. A couple years ago I spent less than 24 hours in Madrid, and I didn’t get to eat everything I heard so much about. Can’t wait to go back!

  6. I visited Spain in October last year, the food was exceptional. Oh the paella in Barcelona was incredible. I so want to take this tour,,my wife would just love the chocolate con churros, and yes she would drink the chocolate just like you Matt 😉 Me, I’ll take the ham all day everyday :)

  7. If you want tapas with your cerveza in Madrid, you gotta go to El Tigre on Calle Infantas. 6 euros for a 24 ounce beer and a huge plate of food.

  8. Madrid is one of my favorite food spots in Europe. We went when our son was 3, and I remember him wanting churros y chocolate EVERY MORNING FOR BREAKFAST. Totally understandable, I did too!

  9. It’s crazy how popular ham is in Spain. I was overwhelmed by all the hanging ham legs in the shops on my first visit here one year ago. Now living in Madrid, I don’t even notice them anymore. Oh and Sean gives great advice about El Tigre…it’s the best deal in town and more tapas than you can eat in one sitting!

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