Win a Free Trip to Peru and Machu Picchu (Plus Cyber Monday Book Deals)

By Nomadic Matt | Published December 2nd, 2013

cyber mondayIt’s Cyber Monday here in America (doesn’t that sound like something people used to do in AOL chatrooms?) and every year on this day I run a sale on my books. But today is extra special because I am also announcing my next trip giveaway. I haven’t done one yet this year so I am long overdue.

And what better time to give away a free trip than during the holiday season? This year’s trip is:

One free trip to Machu Picchu (flight included).

More Details

Machu Picchu Nomadic Matt contest
The winner of this giveaway gets one spot on Inca Discovery Plus from G Adventures. You will hike the famous Inca Trail, gaze upon and explore Machu Picchu, marvel at the Sacred Valley, and help support the fair treatment of local guides and porters!

Here is the itinerary from their website:

Day 1 Lima
Arrive at any time.

Day 2 Cusco
Free day for shopping and exploring the city. Optional city tour.

Day 3 Sacred Valley/Ollantaytambo
Full-day guided tour of the Sacred Valley and Ollantaytambo ruins along with a visit to a Planeterra-supported women’s weaving project in a local community. Shopping opportunities at a local market.

Days 4-7 Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (3B,3L,3D)
4-day guided Inca Trail hike with visit to Machu Picchu. Optional visit to the Inca Bridge before returning to Cusco.

Day 8 Lima
Fly back to Lima.

Day 9 Lima
Depart at any time.

Round-trip airfare is included and provided by me.

How to Win


Terms and Conditions

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must have a valid passport.
  • You must be eligible to enter Peru.
  • All elements of the prize are non-transferable and there are no cash alternatives.
  • Winner absolves Nomadic Matt and G Adventures of any and all liability regarding accidents, mishaps, problems with airlines, and anything that might be bad in the universe prior to, during, and after their trip.
  • Void where prohibited.
  • You agree to receive travel tips from Nomadic Matt by email in the future. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • You must be subscribed to my e-mail list at the time of the drawing to win. Be sure to confirm your subscription.
  • Any associated visa costs are the responsibility of the winner.
  • The flight is economy class round trip ticket subject to carrier availability from your designated departure airport to Lima. Additional fees or ticket changes are the responsibility of the winner.
  • Costs not listed are responsible by the winner.

From G Adventures: Winner is entitled to one (1) free place on the Inca Discovery Plus departing before 30 September 2014 and booked before 31 June 2014. Winner must be 18 or older to claim the prize. This prize cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion, does not include My Own Room, pre/post accommodation, transfers, meals (unless stated as included in itinerary), international airfare or any other additional costs. Prize is non-transferable, non-refundable, is not liable for ‘Lifetime Deposit’, has no cash value, and is only valid as a prize via Nomadic Matt’s contest giveaway. Prize is subject to availability and a minimum of four paying travellers must already be confirmed on the chosen departure before the prize spot will be confirmed. Other restrictions may apply.

If you have any questions or problems, please e-mail me at [email protected]

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Very exciting contest! I know Manchu Picchu is high on many traveler’s lists of ‘must see’ locations.

Brenda Hopkins

I have one years leave from work. This would be a dream come true. Fingers crossed. Here’s hoping I have the luck of the Irish. I certainly do with it x o x

Machu Picchu is high on my must see list! Thanks for being such an inspiration :) Hope you are enjoying NYC!


Fantastic competition Matt.Have been following you for long time now,keep up the good work and keep allowing people to use you”like a pin-cushion” for information !

Kathy Berry

Hi Matt,
We fianlly met at your NYC Meetup recently! (I gave you a shout out on my blog: I asked you if you had any openings on your Thaiand trip, 2 had just opened up. Are they still available?
I hope you had great travels over Thanksgiving (forget where you were going!)
Kathy Berry

Jennifer aka WanderJenn

Thanks Matt,

Hope to your blogs and inspiration

This is an exciting opportunity! Machu Picchu is definitely on my list of places to visit. Thanks Matt for this :D


I’m so excited about this giveaway! I’ve been tentatively planning to go to Machu Picchu next year, but money is definitely a factor. This would be amazing. Sharing everywhere.


I think most people want to see Machu Picchu and absorb the awesome that is this ancient site. Personally, I would be so excited about being able to HIKE up to the site instead of taking the train!


This is awesome Matt!!

This would be such a dream and the perfect escape from the 9-5 office blues!


Great contest Matt!


this sounds exciting!



I just paid $9.99 for How to Blog late last night! Don’t suppose you wanna reimburse me? Or throw in something else!



Send me an e-mail and I’ll reimburse you.

Right on Matt, awesome Contest!!
Muchas gracias for the travel tips, stories & inspiration… I’m all about promoting, sharing & hearing travel experiences so let me know when you go to San Diego, Honolulu or NYC!!

Carly Searle

Awesome comp!!! Fingers crossed :)

Rajeev Singh

Great that you are able to offer this opportunity!


This would be a great prize to win!


This is the place I have been dreaming of going to. I am a weaver and a knitter. This is the place to buy yarn!


Amazing prize!! We are plannning on doing this for our honeymoon alongside going to see Costa Rica to see some Sloths!! Can’t wait!!

Great idea! Great opportunity raffle!
- Hope to meet -up with you sometime

Sweet contest! Pick me! :)


Love getting your newsletter Matt! Thanks for the opportunity, it’s on my list and I would love to win!


Thanks Matt – exciting!

This is awesome Matt, great opportunity for fellow travelers who are broke like me hahah 10 different ways to tell about the give away? I only found by fb and twitter…


Love your website and your tips! Keep up the good work :-)

Avi Nash

here goes

gabriel P

Amazing. Can’t wait for the results!


Saw your newsletter and entered right away! This would be an awesome escape and first trip! Fingers crossed! (:


Wonderful incentive Matt! I hope the contest is a homerun for Nomadic Matt. Would love to go and spread the word about G Adventures terrific Inca Trail adventure. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Thank you for the opportunity.


Would be a dream trip for sure. This is a sweet give away Matt. Praying to travel Gods that I win this, will be counting down till you announce. Thanks for the opportunity.

Hey Matt, I have made a video with a polar bear joke before, (that wasn’t funny) for a chance to win a trip. Didn’t win…sigh! A cute little 20 something won. I have to admit, I liked her video. But for this trip, I don’t have to do a thing to get a chance, but comment. Cool beans! Machu Picchu, fabulous! The polar bears will probably get lost there.


Couldn’t have picked a better spot for this trip! By the way, I just picked up your “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day”. Great read, and great info…blew through the whole thing in a night. Thanks!

Great contest and finally one that can be entered by people outside of the US. Good luck to everyone! The trip sounds amazing!

I’m in Argentina/Patagonia 22 Dec-29 Jan. Would be great to see Peru as well.


Awesome promo!!


Interesting and great promo! I have enjoyed and used many of your travel tips. My husband and I, both 60, just discussed that our next big wish trip would be to Machu Picchu! Keep up the good work!

Oh how wonderful.
I never win anything, but that doesn’t stop me from continuously trying! :P
I’ve been reading your website for a while now Matt. In fact, I kept coming back when I was planning my own recent travels to Bangkok.
Subscribed to the newsletter now, and shared via Facebook and Twitter. Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed till the 18th :)


it would be awesome to travel with the likes of you :)

it will be a lovely surprise if I will win this! please please please!!!


What an awesome giveaway! Hope I win! Thank you!


Awesome place to be. Hope to get a change to discover it


What a great contest! I’ve already signed up and hope I win:)

Great work Matt! Travelling inspiration indeed!


What a fantastic chance! South America is the one continent still missing on my list and Machu Picchu would be more than perfect to start to get to know this wonderful place!

Nate Barber

Bachu Picchu is amazing. Would enjoy the challenge of walking the trail

David Kaminski

Great contest. Thanks for setting it up. Fingers crossed.

This is great giveaway Matt, I have been waiting long time about this journey :)

Hi! I have 2 questions regarding the contest:

- Non americans can win this trip? No matter where we came from?
- The Inca trail hike is difficult? I’d love to go to Machu Picchu but I’m not in good shape for difficult trekking (problems with my knees).


Meri D

Thanks for doing this! Sounds like an amazing trip.

So excited- I’m not getting any younger and this is on my bucket list- I just know it will be a magical,wonderful,memorable experience for the lucky winner!

donna lawson

Wow! How awesome would it be to win a trip to Machu Picchu!?!? I’ve been all over the world, but Machu Picchu is at the top of my bucket list. Good luck to everyone!

Nadia D

Can’t wait to see the sun rising on top of Machu Picchu with you Matt! ;)


Um, yes please!

Wow! This looks amazing! Thanks so much! :)

Jason Herrera

Done! Also, see you in Thailand!!

Looking forward to win! Thanks as always for your information. =D


Fantastique de pouvoir voir Machu PIchu

I have always wanted to go to Machu Pichu for many reasons…mostly for the beauty and the spiritual high, as well as of course to add some beautiful photographs to my portfolio. I love Peruvian food, and as a chef, I would love to try some in Peru as well. I would be flying in from Buenos Aires, Argentina where I have been staying since August.

Awesome, dreamy destination! Thanks for the opportunity!

matthew pagazani

this is amazing, good luck to everyone!!!

Shirish Patel

Perfect trip for spring break.


Would love to win! Machu Picchu is on my bucket list.


I’m an American living in China and would love your book, but the kindle version makes more sense for me… does that still count for the $500 travel voucher?


I was planning o go in May but the would be way better. :-)


Wow…thanks iPad. I can actually type.


Great contest, thank you, hope to win!!!


testing my luck. finger crossed ha!


Ahhh…to dream of Manchu Pichu….it’s fun to fantasize about a trip like that!

Jueun Cha

I have entered my name and email address!
I hope I win this! :)
Thanks for great info!


Thanks for the opportunity!

Quick Questions about the optional additional entries:
How are our “shares” around the web tracked? Do we need to do it through the Nomadic Matt Travel Site FB page, & we’re automatically entered again? Are we entered 1 additional time for each share, & so we should share 10 times?


Anne Moats

Well, that would sure cure my wanderlust for a little bit!

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I am taking a year off from teaching to travel and am having a difficult time planning my travels and finding affordable flights. Very glad I found and read your blog. Thanks for teaching me :)


Just bought and read your book 2 weeks ago. Lots of great info and easy fun reading. I would love to take a trip to Machu Picchu. Anyone know of a really good guidebook for Costa Rica? I’m heading out there in mid January. I’ve been stuck between Moon’s and Lonely Planet. Any suggestions?


Hiking the Inca Trail is high on my bucket list!

Just bought “How to Make Money with Your Blog”. Now if only I had an awesome trip to blog about ;)

Brian Dick

Scooby doo! I want to go to peru oo!!

I will not rest until I have seen South America.

Kim Dyer

Hey Matt…. I came across your site/bog just yesterday… what a gem. Looking forward to sharing, learning and getting immersed in new places, people and culture with you. The travel bug has bitten… Thank you for a most comprehensive, informative experience. – Kim Dyer-RSA

Wow, what an amazing prize! I have never been and would love to be able to visit Machu Picchu and hike the Inca Trail.

We walked the Inca Trail as part of a 3 week trip to Peru for our honeymoon earlier this year. An incredible country and definitely worth a visit.

You, Matt, are inspiring for certain!
I love reading all of the hope and excitement in the above blogs.

This is my decade of travel- and I’m hopeful to add Machu Picchu in 2014,
compliments of Magical Matt!!!

Entered the contest on my birthday. Hope this means something! :D


This is incredibly generous!

Wait, is it for people from USA only? Or Europe is fine too?

Great contest. All the best to your travels Matt. And all the best to everyone who has entered. yeye !!! :)


Excellent! I was hoping to go to Peru in the spring anyways, but money is definitely an issue.


Crossing my fingers for a dream trip! Wonderful & generous giveaway!

Peru is totally my to-do-list for next year anyway… Winning a trip wouldn’t be so bad ey

Nice one for this – a sweet and generous giveaway!

Angelina Tan

Hi. I am from Singapore (a tiny red dot) and Machu Picchu is one of the items in my bucket list. Let me win, please ! God Bless ! and have a Merry Christmas !


Good trip and contest! Hope to win


I hope to win and be part of this holiday your new venture! Last night in the bus back home… I smiled out of the blue when I imagined mom`s reaction to me wining a free holiday :) She would be astonished :D

Pick me! Pick me! I have personally wanted to do this exact trip for a couple decades now, since I was a young kid, and we’re planning it to be our next big adventure trip! We’re avid fans from Canada and follow a lot of Matt’s advice…..Spencer and Holli

ps-….we can easily fly out of the USA.. :)


matt i love to tell amacing place go dreame hole le spanding er thank matt..i will be come there

Kelsea Erickson

My friend just went to Peru this fall and LOVED it. This would be absolutely incredible.


I’ve never won anything but this would be awesome. Fingers and toes crossed. Let’s include my eyes as well. Can’t hurt. HA!!!

Do Indians qualify? If I win, this would be the most awesome thing of my life, so far. Smart work there Matt.


Yes they do!

Edyta J

When one door of happiness closes, another opens .. wish to write book about this advanture ;)s

Anjali Briel

What a stunningly generous offer! Thank you so much!
Have just done a fitness test, Result: “Fair” (am 64.) How much would I have to train to be able to walk for 4 days as have never done so? Blessings.


Ohh another dream of mine.. how I would love to go here.

Maxine Jung

What a wonderful contest and I would love to go. Our son has been there and loved it. He is now living in Colombia. I am retired and have a lot of free time.

Paul Denault

What an amazing contest Matt!

Alexei Petrov

Thank you! Hope to win…

Sharon Bowerman (Gagne)

Oh, oh, pick me, pick me, I’m old, (well older), wiser, in need of a life changing experience. Easy to get along with, a fun person, a riot some might say. And I might add darn good looking for 63. Too old you say, I say no way watch me go and climb.

marian boll

What a great and wonderful trip!!!!


I would love to visit such a beautiful place. and hike threw the mountains or explore by horseback if possible that is truly a beautiful place…

sagar yeraballi

Yay peru!!!


It would be dream come true ; I haven’t had any leisure time with school and work . This would truly be a one in a lifetime trip.Good luck everyone.

Wow what a wonderful blogs. I just went to Peru this fall and LOVED it. What an amazing

Bernie Agoston

Thankyou so very much for sharing your knowledge with other like minded individuals. Your information and links are a great help to me as a solo female traveller, oh and the competition is the Gravy! :)

The Machu Picchu is truly a magnificent place. Such intricate work for people in ancient civilization. It’s amazing how it survived the test of time. Peru offers different accommodation types for different types of travelers so whether you are a backpacker or an affluent traveler wanting luxurious places to stay in Lima and Cusco, there would definitely a place where you can stay. Nice post!

Thanks so much for this opportunity!

Great contest, but with no. of entries approaching 10 000, my odds are not good ;) Although, I have beaten odds worse than 10,000-1 before!


Sounds Great !! Thanks for all you do and have a Great Holiday :)

Alison Crist

Thanks Matt! I would absolutely love to go to Peru and see Machu Piccu!!

Pat Purkey-Entwistle

Machu Picchu is #1 on my bucket list. I have planned and had to cancel this trip three times over the last ten years for family emergencies, cancelled flights due to huge storms (like New York last winter), and job changes. It is still #1 on my bucket list; and I swear to the heavens that I’ll make it eventually. Because I research my trips so thoroughly, I probably know more about Machu Picchu by now than most of the tour guides–ha ha–but I keep learning more wonderful things each time I research.

Lara Platten

Great bucket list item!

Adria Klinger

I’m already on your email list but would like to enter this contest.


Yay, Peru (and of course, Machu Pichu) is on my list. For those who may not know- Peru is also becoming the gastronomic capital of S. America. This would be an amazing trip.


Awesome contest…
Would love to win this exciting trip.

All the best from The Netherlands!


Just like the human body, our plant also has 7 planetary chakras.
Peru holds the 2nd chakra. living in india, i started with traveling to the 7th one at Mt. Kailash… this definitely sounds like a dream come true!

fingers crossed xxx
thank you :D

Hi, Matt,
It is good to have dreams that could come true :)
thank you for this contest
greetings from Poznan, Poland!

Sheldon S

I grew up in a coal mining town on Cape Breton Island .Books were the travel venue for us so to have an opportunity for such a trip in real time would be nothing short of miraculous

the probability of winning is like 1 in 10153 but oh well ^_^


This is awesome! My fiance and I were hoping to go to Peru for our honeymoon!

Kelsey Hyde

Manifesting universal alignment!! Machu Picchu, here I come!! Thank you for all that you do for the travel community Matt!! I really enjoy the way you write and look forward to your newsletter every week!! -K


This is one of the places i was planning on going on my around the world trip in about 6 or 7 months from now!

What a wonderful and sweet thing to do! Thanks for giving someone a chance to experience a trip of a lifetime!

I really want to go to Peru that is why I am entering this content!

A really thoughtful way to user in the holiday season!


Thanks John!

Its time to hike the trail..thank you

18th, 18th, 18th why today is the 15th… 18th, 18th ….. ;)

Machu Picchu is high on top of my “dream destinations” list! Aweseome place!

But it’s already a victim of mainstream tourism. It’s being turned into a “Disneyland”. Mass tourism is already ruining it…

Ah well, you can still take the Inca Trail leading to it (for more excitement and for avoiding the big crowds) :)

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