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By Nomadic Matt | Published July 22nd, 2010

Make Money Travel BlogLast year, I released my book on how to successfully make money from your website so you can break out of the cubicle and fund your travels or just have more time to do what it is you like. Since then, I’ve experimented with a lot of different methods and techniques, learned new things, plus the nature of the internet has changed. I decided it was time to update and greatly expand the book to be more current, more in depth, and include some NEW strategies that I figured out to gain readers and advertisers.

A lot has happened in the year since I first created the book. Google has changed how they rank websites, methods to monetize your site has changed, there are new ways to gain traffic and readers, and the importance of Facebook has grown. I’ve learned a lot and I want to share it all with you. This still has all the sections that made it great in the first place like:

  • Starting a Blog- Basic but necessary information about picking a niche (what are you an expert in?), choosing what kind of travel blog to have (there is more than one), and the number of websites to run.
  • Installing Your Blog- All about choosing the right website name, picking a WordPress theme, and installing SEO plugins.
  • Getting Traffic- How to use sites like Stumble Upon, gain followers, find other bloggers, and use Twitter and Facebook to your advantage to build a community around your blog.
  • Search Engine Optimization- Detailed information about SEO, how it works, site optimization, link building, and where to find those valuable links to rank high in Google.
  • Monetizing Your Blog- Covers the main types of advertising, which work best for different sites, how much to charge, and where to find willing advertisers.
  • Putting it All Together- What to expect from all of this and how to best utilize your time.

nomadic matts world travel ebook coverBut I have also added new information and tips like:

  • More SEO Information. Google has changed how they rank people and I changed the tips and tricks you need to rank higher in search plus I added in a few tips I didn’t include before.
  • How to Pick Keywords. Picking keywords is a very in depth topic that I’ve never touched upon before. I’ve included a little section on how to pick keywords, how to figure out what are good, and the Google Keyword Tool.
  • Facebook Fan Pages. Facebook has grown in importance now and is a big source of traffic for me. Learn how to use Facebook fan pages to attract new readers, market your site, and increase your brand.
  • Newsletter Marketing. Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with readers, increase your brand, and tell people about deals.
  • How to Promote Ebooks. Ebooks are a great way to monetize your site if you are an expert on the subject but poor writing and marketing can lead to a big failure. My experience in launching 4 books will help you repeat my successes and avoid my blunders.
  • Updated Resources on Links. The nature of the web has changed and now I’ve listed new resources and got rid of some old resource on how to gain links for your website.

The book is now going back to it’s original price of $37 USD. That might seem like a lot of money so I added in a great bonus (scroll down to see!) that pays for the book many times over.

Why the Price Increase?
Any serious attempt to make money requires an investment. This book is that investment. With the new information, this book is even more complete and in depth than ever before and will help you succeed in making money and gaining traffic. If you aren’t willing to invest in your site, you won’t succeed. Moreover, this book has one amazing offer to help you make money RIGHT AWAY:


Yes, if you buy this book you get 3 advertiser names- people who WANT to buy ads on travel websites. This offer alone pays for the book many, many times over.  

Paying $27 dollars to gain access these names PLUS all the information on how to successfully gain more traffic and more advertisers is an investment anyone who really want to bring money from there website should make. Whether you have a travel blog, finance site, hotel booking engine, or family blog, the tips in this book will help you. They are all the things I do to live off my websites. And if I, a former high school history teacher, can do it, I fully believe you can too!

If you are serious about succeeding then this book is for you. GET IT NOW!

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Congrats man! Looks good.

Looking forward to reading this updated version. Certainly money well spent. Great work Matt.


I just invested $27 in your eBook. In 30 minutes, I did a quick scan of your book, and I can clearly already see that I will get a significant return on my $27. You eBook has answered questions I have, and more importantly pointed me in solid directions for further study.

Thanks, and The Roaming Boomers wish you continued success in your nomatic-hood.


el teide! que bonita…

If we bought a previous version of this book, aren’t we supposed to get the update for free? How does that work?


one was sent to the inbox of whatever email you bought it with. They were already sent out.

Hmmmm…checked all through my e-mail including my spam box and I didn’t get anything…

Wait end of July or end of August, please be August. $27 isn’t too much but I need to wait and see if I still have a job and I find out in August.


Me too! I bought a previous version and have not received the update….?


You were sent a download link via the email address you paid with. I keep getting lots of “Thanks for the update!” emails so I know it was sent out. Shoot me an email and I’ll fwd you a copy.


Is the knowledge shared in this book transferrable to other website subjects? I’m currently in the process of building my movie review wesbite and really want to make a living at it and treat it like a real job. I need all the help I can get and hope your book could help someone like me. Please advise…

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