Leaving for Europe

flying awayIn a few hours, I’ll be heading to the airport to board my flight to Spain. Spain is the start of another long round-the-world journey. After three years, I’ve finally managed to time my schedule with La Tomatina and will joyfully be throwing tomatoes at the event on Wednesday. But Spain is just the beginning.

After Spain, I’ll be heading east through France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany. I also plan on making a few stops in Sweden and Austria. Overall, this trip will last about three months, after which I plan on going to New Zealand and Australia. I have no dates and no itinerary for any of this, though. I don’t really travel with a plan, and I’ll move as fast or slow as I feel is necessary. This trip is going to allow me to see many of the people I haven’t seen in years while seeing a few new countries along the way.

But what really excites me is what I plan to do with this trip. One of my failings has always been a lack of notes. I recently tried to write a post on Edinburgh only to realize I forgot all the interesting stories and my journal was a little short on details. Not this time, though. This time I plan on writing a lot more down and uncovering more facts and stories for the blog posts. It’s time to take the writing to a whole new level.

More importantly it’s time to, in the words of Emril, “kick it up a notch.” Pretty soon you’ll be seeing video blog entries on this site. I have no idea how to use my camcorder yet, but once I figure that out, you can expect a lot of videos. I plan on shooting destination videos—mini travel shows about different cities. I’m also toying with the idea of creating a running documentary on long-term travel. I’d like to interview various travelers along the way and talk about why we go, what we do, and the experiences we have. I just need to figure out the logistics of that.

While I’ve had fun coming home, I’m a perpetual nomad. Traveling is in my DNA. I’m ready to finally hit the road again. Two months is a long time for me to be still, and I’m looking forward to unearthing some more of the secrets this big planet has to offer.

See you from across the pond!

For more information, visit my page on backpacking Europe.

  1. Matt–looking forward to some good ‘ole fashioned travel writing. Have a fantastic trip! Perhaps you could film La Tomatina for us?


  2. Good luck with the video blogging. I got the sense from my limited video experience that to do it well takes a lot of time and practice. The first thing I learned about talking into my camera, before even leaving home, was the importance of projecting your voice. If I had to do this in a quiet apartment, it goes double or triple for being outdoors or in a busy city! I’

  3. Wow that sounds like so much fun -I’m jealous! Despite living in Europe for about a year I am really lacking on having visited Western European countries. Good luck, can’t wait to hear about it!

  4. For the tomatina make sure to wear goggles (looks dorky, but helps SO MUCH) and go in white so you can laugh at yourself in red afterwards. Get a disposable camera instead of bringing a good one (I wouldn’t recommend filming with a good camera there!!); those showing “guiri” (European Spanish version of “gringo”) traits get the most tomatoes thrown at them!! Also, no matter how good your shampoo is, you WILL have tomato smelling hair for days 😛

    I hope you weren’t requesting a couch in Valencia etc. close to the tomatina!! Man, valencianos would get thousands of responses for that, of course the answer would be no. Try couchsurfing from September in your other destinations (applying the advice I mentioned before) and you’ll have a great time!

    Glad to see you are hitting the road again. If you need any tips on video editing you know you have several fellow bloggers willing to lend a hand! 😉 Looking forward to seeing what you’re made of!

    Sorry Prague didn’t make it on your immediate itinerary – might see you next year! After Brazil I don’t know where I’ll be from January yet!

  5. Hey Matt,
    good luck with your latest trip! Good to see you going to new places, I’m excited to hear your perspective on some of these places.

    I’ve been messing around myself with some video editing and the like….If you need some help with editing etc, I’d be glad to lend a hand…

  6. In Chuck Klosterman’s book he asks, which would you rather have, a year in Europe with a 2,000 US monthly stipend, or ten minutes on the moon? What would you take?

  7. Mara

    Can’t wait to read (and watch) your next set of adventures. Good on ya for keeping better notes. I know how helpful that can be.

  8. Looking forward to seeing the videos – but boy if you thoughts taking, cataloguing, uploading photos took time, the videos are in a different league, especially if you want them to have that professional gloss.

    The hours I’ve spent puzzling over the editing, and the overnight uploads to Youtube (I feel sure there’s a better way)

    By the way, better keep your new Canon well away from those tomatoes.

  9. Andrew

    Hey Matt

    May your travels be filled with new discoveries, new stamps in your passport and lots of drunken nights.

    Safe travels!



  10. How do you travel without a plan lodging wise? If you are somewhere and you want to stay another day you just extend in a hostel, but don’t book anything in advance?

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