Learning to Ski Again

skiing in keystone resort in coloradoWhen I was younger, I was a pretty good skier. I started learning when I was about three. I remember my parents would take my sister and me up skiing throughout the winter. By the time I graduated high school, I could zoom down double black diamonds without any trouble.

But then I stopped. My parents no longer went, my friends didn’t ski, and my winter breaks in college were spent working. As I got older and became adverse to the cold, I simply never wanted to be near snow. Winter was a time to go to tropics not into the mountains.

Yet over the last two years, my friend Ryan has been pressuring me to go skiing at Keystone Resort. (He works for Vail, which owns Keystone.) I kept resisting. I’m overseas I would say. But being in the states meant I had run out of acceptable excuses so I finally relented. After buying winter gear warm enough for Antarctica, I boarded a plane to Colorado.

It was weird to be on skis after 11 years. It also made a good video:

I was pretty bad at first but managed to go through some deep powder and off trail before the trip was over. My friends were impressed with how fast I relearned to ski. They expected me to be awful but I wasn’t. If I had a few more days, I probably could have been back on some black diamonds trails.

The first day, I fell twice with my private instructor. But my biggest spill was on the second day. While heading down the mountain, my ski came undone from the binding and I tumbled like a snow ball down the trail. It was an unpleasant experience. (Though I wish I had THAT on video!)

In the end, I had a lot more fun than I thought I would. Though it snowed for 4 days straight, I got used to the cold. It wasn’t so bad. Eventually, I only had 3 layers of clothes! And I really had fun skiing. A lot of fun. I forgot how much fun I had when I was a kid. The first 18 yrs of my life came back to me and it was blast.

Maybe the winter isn’t so bad after all. Yes….maybe good things do happen in the cold….

Now, that is an interesting thought to have.

Editor’s Note: I paid for my flight but Keystone paid for everything else. Except my laundry. I paid for that too.

  1. I was at a Vail Resorts social media conference in Tahoe this weekend, and the whole crew was there. Like you, I learned to ski as a kid and then only skied maybe once a year in crap East Coast conditions for much of my teens/early 20s. Now that I’m in California, we bought the Vail Resorts season pass and got a cabin share in Tahoe so this is the year I kick skiing’s ass! Ha. I’m also planning on heading out to Vail or Keystone myself this spring!

  2. Everyone I know who skies tells me it’s awesome, but I just can be convinced :) I still prefer the mountains without the snow. But maybe I just need go to Colorado to try it. It looks really cool on the photos and the movie.
    Can’t wait for your posts from Panama. I hope you are having a great time.

  3. It’s been a few years since I’ve been skiing as well and I’m hesitant to get back out there. Maybe it won’t be too bad. It’s tough when the Poconos are the closest ski resorts, though. I have to make it out to Colorado.

  4. I think skiing is relatively easy to pick up from scratch. Maybe you’re more intimidated by how good you were in the past than by what’s actually in front of you right now? Lovely you’re rediscovering cold climates, though…

  5. Todd

    hm… you’re doing pretty well… better than me:D I’ve be to Salzburg this winter to ski and i didn’t do pretty well:D i felt a couple of time and all the kids started to laugh at me :) well, i’m still a beginner :)

  6. i’ve taken my kids for a week skiing in austria and i gotta admin, they did better than me :) well, this was my 1st time skiing after 3 years, while they did it every winter… so it’s understandable 😛

  7. But my biggest spill was on the second day. While heading down the mountain, my ski came undone from the binding and I tumbled like a snow ball down the trail.

  8. Tee

    I am looking to plan a ski trip . I’m from Florida and I’ve never skied any suggestions about resorts , least expensive way to travel , rent vs buying gear, hotels, buy vs cook for gluten allergies.

    I was browsing your site looking for ski suggestions but was unable to find it . Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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