It’s My Birthday

By Nomadic Matt | Published June 12th, 2010

Today is my birthday. Actually, today is two birthdays- my own and my blog’s birthday. Two years ago, I turned a little, poorly coded, ugly website into a WordPress powered machine. Since that day, my blog has continued to look a lot better, be easier to use, and grown substantially. Moving to WordPress early was one of the best things I ever did for this website. I had hoped that I’d be able to unveil a new site design today but alas, it will have to wait.

But back to me…

As I said, today I turn another year older. Last year, I celebrated in Edinburgh. This year in Rome. A lot as happened in the intervening year- not only personally but professionally too. It’s been a great year and if the next one is just as good then I have nothing in life to complain about. Well, I have one thing:

I don’t like birthdays.

They are just another day to me.

Sure, I use the day as an excuse to go out, have fun, buy myself something, and eat delicious sushi. However, if the day went unnoticed, I wouldn’t be too upset by it. (which is ironic, considering I just titled this blog post “It’s my birthday.”) A lot of people make big deals of birthdays. I never understood why. To me, a birthday is just a reminder that I’m getting older and how, as Willie Nelson said, “how time just slips away.”

More than that, I never thought the idea of celebrating one day in your life made much sense. I could have easily have been born yesterday or tomorrow. Celebrating one day isn’t important- I like to celebrate life everyday. Why take one day out of the year to focus on being alive? Enjoy everyday. Celebrate the fact you’re alive every day. Maybe people just like the ego boost of all the attention. I don’t know. But why I hate birthdays is probably why I hate most holidays- especially Valentine’s Day. Why not show your significant other you love them everyday? If there was any day to make extra special, it would be an anniversary not a hallmark holiday.

So today I celebrate my birthday for no other reason than it’s a good excuse to go out with all my Kiwi friends who have come to Rome. Tomorrow, I’ll wake up the same (albeit with a slight hangover). And I’ll move forward- just one day older but still the same.

Then again maybe this whole post is just junk and I’m just rambling. After all, I’m a Gemini and we supposedly think too much. And I won’t lie- I do think too much.

And what does this have to do with travel? Absolutely nothing. I just feel like being philosophical.

After all, it is my birthday.

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Even though you can’t tell because I rarely comment, I enjoy your site. Happy birthday!

Cumpleaños feliz, tanti auguri, parabéns and Happy B-day Matt :)
I haven’t celebrated my own birthday in a few years. If it weren’t for all the messages on Facebook I’d barely even notice it! I like your philosophy – it’s better to party every day :P

Eager Existence

Happy Birthday!
I celebrate my birthday every year, and get sh*tty when no one notices. Its like “Dude… we are celebrating the fact that I was born, and its nice to have me in your life” etc.

Thats my philosophy anyway. And its why I always try and get to all birthday parties I’m invited to, and make a big deal out of every birthday. Its the annual celebration of our existence, and I sure am glad our paths crossed, and we get to share adventures together.

If nothing else, its a celebration of all the memories to come.

well, like it or not… I hope you have a happy birthday..!


happy birthday! and good job on your blog.

Happy Birthday to both you and the Queen of England. Seems you have some high quality birthday mates.

There is little reason not to celebrate. Treat it like the 2 year anniversary of the site that is affording you this lifestyle if you must, but have some beers, ignore any looming problems and just shut the brain off for a day.

Happy Birthday to both you…and your site!

Happy Birthday Matt! I’m kinda the same when it comes to birthdays, and also with New Year. Although I think it’s just a fear of growing old…

Happy Birthday Fella, have a beer on me ^_^

carla moreno

a double happy birthday to you matt! just celebrated mine last week and intend to continue all month ;-)

I’m with Jen from above. I love birthday, too! And I hope that yours is happy. You have a lot to celebrate in your life. Maybe you could make your birthday about your mom? I’m sure she remembers it well.

Happy Birthday, Matt.

Debbie Ferm

So nice to hear someone else´s perspective on this. My birthday is in a few weeks and I´m actually getting anxiety as I know others will want me to do something great but I have no idea what that would be to trump every other great day on the road.

I don’t like birthdays either but the next day am usually reconciled to being a year older. So, happy day after your birthday tomorrow.

Happy birthday! I’m a gemini too, my bday just passed. I too don’t think birthdays are a big deal, however, to me it’s like my own personal new year. it’s kind of a new start, a new year and a chance to celebrate in that way.

Enjoy it!!!

Roaming Ross

Happy Birthday Matt!

It’s funny as it is my birthday on Tuesday and i see it the same as you do. Maybe it’s a Gemini thing? :)


Happy Birthday, Matt! I’m jealous that you’re celebrating with Kiwis…ok, and that you’re in Rome. ;) Hope it’s sweet as!

RennyBA's Terella

Happy Birthday to You dear blog friend – all the way from Norway!

Happy Blog Anniversary too! I’ve been a regular reader for a while now and I love you’re style, you’re stories and how you describe you’re travel adventures. There is always something to learn from you’re posts and great tips to others who would like to go at the same places.

So I say: Keep up the good work………. and for many, many more :-)

Btw dear blog friend: Sorry for being absent for a while. Of course I could have written a lot of excuses, but I guess the most important is to assure you I haven’t forgot you (and do appreciate all you’re nice comments on mine)!

Happy Birthday, Matt! Trust you’ll have a good night out!

hahaha… Are you sure you’re not a Capricorn?? Seriously with your birthday lamenting you sound like one! No offense either, I am one. I was always the same way every year – never wanted to do anything, nothing special. Then I moved to San Diego and people here are freaks about their birthdays, I actually can’t stand it. But I have grown to love my birthday and see it as a reminder of great memories I have made. I will say this though, for me the way to have a great birthday is to only do simple things – read, play video games, whatever I normally don’t do because I don’t have time. A good dinner and some drinks is fun as long as no one goes out of their way and spend a ton of money. Which is what most people expect here in SD and I do think, you’re right it’s an ego boost. But everyone is different and I guess it also depends on how you were raised.

Anyway, you’re in Rome – that’s awesome so happy birthday to you, my mom and apparently the queen of England!


Even if it’s just another day to you, happy birthday! Love your ebook and thanks for your advise.

But birthdays are enjoy your day

Happy belated birthday! Your thoughts about birthdays resonate with me.
“Celebrating one day isn’t important- I like to celebrate life everyday.” Very well said! And instead of viewing your birthday as just getting one year older, better to think of it as getting one year wiser. :)

Happy happy birthday, despite the fact that it’s “just another day.” I know it sometimes feels silly to celebrate it when you are good about celebrating every day, but it’s nice to reflect positively on the day that brought you into the world. Hope you had a blast in Rome!

My birthday is the one day I relish celebrating, even over Christmas. Not that my presence on earth is so dang special, but hey, I’m here, I exist, why not remember that? Enjoy it!

Happy belated birthday! I hope you had fun that night.


Happy Belated Birthday Matt! I hope you had an awesome birthday. :-)

Sheng ri kuai le! Happy Birthday Matt!

Happy Belated Birthday, Matt

I can understand why you don’t like celebrating birthdays, but to me, my birthday is really important. It’s a way of honouring the fact that I was born into the world on that day and saying Happy Birthday is a way of acknowledging that you are happy that I’m here. Just my personal take on birthdays :-)

Hope you had a great one.


Happy Birthday! Turns out we share the exact same birthday!

I love birthdays and celebrate my birthday like a mad man, why because it was the greatest day of my life…it was the day I started this amazing adventure that I have been on for 39 years..! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

Reeves@Tasty Thailand

I’ve just never gotten into WordPress – found it pretty limited for what I want. Plus they don’t allow ads, so you have to pay to get it hosted somewhere else, which seems a bit daft to me when Blogger does it for free. I run all my blogs on Blogger and have done for years.

But hey, Happy belated Birthday :)

Happy birthday Matt! :)

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