Help Me Improve This Website

Now that I’m home and settling down, I’m making some long-awaited improvements to this website. Over the next month, I’ll be making some design and navigation changes, and I want your feedback on what I can do to make your experience better.

I often run surveys to get your input and gauge how I’m doing in helping you travel.

It’s time for more feedback.

What articles are missing? What stories and tips would you like to see? Is the site easy to navigate? What would you change?

You can tell me the good, bad, and ugly—I want to hear it all.

Please take this nine-question, three-minute, anonymous survey and let me know how to improve this website:


Your opinion matters. I read every answer and take all constructive criticism seriously.

Please take three minutes to help me know how to better help you!

Notes on things coming down the pipeline

  • I know navigation is a problem, and I’ve included a “start here” button in the navigation bar to make it easier to find content. Additionally, I lightened the search feature to make it more noticeable.
  • I’m currently working on an F.A.Q. section as a resource.
  • I’m writing a few posts on how families and older travelers can use the tips offered on my site as well as working on a few articles that are more geared towards those in the non-hostel set. If you have article ideas or want specific topics addressed, please let me know in the survey.
  • All the country and city guides are going to get a massive update (and major edit) and will soon include more links, descriptions, photos, and video. (It’s this winter’s major project.)

OK, with that, fire away! Tell me what changes you’d like to see. I’ll post a follow-up addressing your feedback in a few weeks.

P.S. – If you’re in New York City, I’ll be hosting a meet-up on November 14th. I’ll announce details on Monday, but mark the day in your calendar!

  1. Matt,

    I think a survey is a great way to get feedback and communicate with your readers. As someone who runs a business based on my own decisions, I know how you can caught up in thinking…Are they gonna like this? I’ll do my best to make it to the meetup!

  2. Benjamin

    I’m in the same situation as Ash, I am under 18 and I still love reading your blog. I think you should definitely also care for your minor readers, because I think there are a lot of us :)

    Nomadic Matt is one of my sources of inspiration to travel more. I’m a 16 year old norwegian boy, and I just got home from two years of living in Texas. There I got in a committed relationship with my current girlfriend (for about 17 months now), and we are still together even though we live on each our side of the pond. We’re both passionate about traveling. We want to study in the same college, and hopefully a while after that, we would love to travel.

  3. Calis dej

    Hi Matt,

    I would like to see a section perhaps that is dedicated to settling back down after months or years of travel. You can feature interviews with other travelers (I read some that you already featured but there are always more stories) and it would be great to create some blog points on tips for settling back down and readjusting back into your society. What challenges might you face?

    How you can apply your travel experiences into your life.

    Also it would be good to have a section dedicated to expatriates; those travelers who ended up settling in other countries far from home. You can post interviews and also feature tips on adjusting to a new culture, what made them settle in that country, any challenges, etc.

  4. Becky

    I would like to know how to respond to strange offerings of local foods-things you don’t like-so it isn’t interpreted as an insult….or do you just suck it up and eat it?

  5. – a better improvement for the responsive on mobile and tablets
    – better speed, you can make tests with or Google page speed . This will help us like readers a lot and the website . I did a tests and i think you can have an A and B note. Now is C and C
    – more info on homepage I think is a good idea
    – use more social buttons on the left, will be more easy to share your posts on pinterest, google + etc
    – a small header, so you can focus more on content without eating to much space useless

  6. Hey Matt,
    I know this is a weird one, but be more negative. You posted a ‘negative’ review of Curacao and I loved it. It is not that I am a negative person at all, but I feel that travelers aren’t always the most honest in their travels. “How was such and such?” “It was awesome!!!” is a too common response that can lead to disappointment. Let’s be honest, not every place is awesome and just because someone gives it a negative review, doesn’t mean I won’t go there. I will just know what to watch out for.

    I’ll give you an example. Everyone raves about the beaches in LA, but I strongly dislike them, because I actually like to feel my body and not be frozen when I dive into the water. The beach culture is there, but the water is way to cold for me. If I wrote a post about great beaches in LA and a Thai or Filipino person came over, they would be very disappointed.
    I feel that when you are willing to admit something is not fantastic, it builds trust with your readers.

    Just a thought.

    Big fan!

  7. Adam Weitzel-Leishman

    I agree with Julio, many bloggers (myself included) review a location and say everything that is amazing about a place, without being honest and saying, well, actually Rome is amazing, but is full of beggars – and although Amsterdam is really interesting, I was offered cocaine at least twice on just a weekend visit.

    Your site is probably THE most popular travel blog on the internet, so I really applaud what you have created here. The homepage could do with a bit of an overhaul, maybe a responsive page rather than one that is static?

    Thanks for all the information you’ve provided over the past few months of me reading this, I hope you are enjoying new york. Maybe once my blog gets a little more traffic i’ll come to a meet or something (i live in PA).

    Adam Weitzel-Leishman

  8. Phil

    You have a very large following, so capitalize on it:
    – more spaces for us to engage with the website and each other. Such as a forum or message board.
    – It would also be cool to get some more guest writers to cover some content that you don’t have: Specific Places, Traveling as a marginalized identity (Non-White, LGBTQ, Disabled), Specific City Reviews and other such content.

    • NomadicMatt


      The forum is a little hard because it requires a lot of moderation but I do have a lot of guest posts coming on the subjects you mentioned!


  9. Hey Matt,

    Love the site. I have one small suggestion, I was recently printing out one of your blog posts to help teach English students. Having some special print button on each page would be nice where it formats it to a printer friendly version.

    Also, more VIDEOS would be great!


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