Announcing My 2014 Europe Group Tours

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I’m in Thailand currently taking twelve people around my favorite country in the world, showing them all the things that make me fall in love with it. I organize these tours as a way to share my love of travel and various destinations around the world. I want you to fall in love with these destinations just like I have.

Plus, I want to show you how to travel and wander off the beaten path a bit. These tours are my tours – done in my style, taking you to my favorite attractions, restaurants, and bars.

And since I’ve had so much fun with my current tour and the tour I ran last year, today I’m announcing my summer group tours to Europe. This will be my second time organizing trips to Europe and I have even more great stuff planned! This year I’ll be running two tours: one to Western Europe and one to Central Europe. I love doing the group tours and hope you’ll join me. These are small groups tours so we can create an intimate and friendly environment.

If you are looking to travel with like minded people, this tour is for you. People on my tours become fast friends and remain in touch long after the tour ended. I know touring may not be the normal topic here but if you are looking to travel for the first time or are an experienced travel and looking to travel with someone who knows these destinations well, my tours are for you.

I will take you to all the best sights, restaurants, bars, and off the beaten track sights in each destination. I’ve spent considerable time in each and know places that are in no guidebook. It’s true that these tour are more expensive that traveling solo but you’ll get way more value out of these tours than you would if you tried to do this alone plus get to travel with me and other travel addicts. These are small group tours that are way more fun than anything else out there!

These tours sell out quickly (Update 2/14: only 3 spots left on each tour) and and if you’ve wanted to go to Europe with an expert instead of some generic tour company guide, come with me!

Below is more information about the tours and how to book them:

Nomadic Matt’s Western Europe Tour

nomadic matt 2014 western europe tour paris
Length: 14 days
Number of people: up to 12
Dates: July 28th to August 10th, 2014

Day 1 – Paris

  • Arrive in Paris
  • Welcome meeting and dinner

Day 2 – Paris

  • Historic walking tour through Paris
  • Free time to see the city’s museums
  • Optional group dinner

Day 3 – Paris

  • Day trip to the Palace of Versailles (with a guided tour)
  • Optional group dinner

Day 4 – Paris

  • Morning food tour
  • Afternoon free time to explore Paris
  • Evening show at the Moulin Rouge (Yes, it is touristy but still fun!)
  • Optional group dinner

Day 5 – Paris

  • Explore Paris on your own (With optional visit to the Catacombs of Paris and Père Lachaise Cemetery with me!)
  • Optional group dinner

Day 6 – Brussels

  • Morning train to Brussels
  • Walking tour of the city
  • Optional group dinner

Day 7 – Amsterdam

  • Morning exploration of Brussels
  • Afternoon train to Amsterdam
  • Canal tour though the city
  • Optional group dinner

Day 8 – Amsterdam

  • Breakfast at my favorite Dutch pancakes place
  • Historic walking tour of the city
  • Optional group dinner

Day 9– Amsterdam

  • Free day to explore the museums, parks, and streets of Amsterdam
  • Optional group dinner

Day 10 – Berlin

  • Long morning train ride to Berlin
  • Optional group dinner

Day 11 – Berlin

  • Historical walking tour (in the morning)
  • Afternoon historical walking tour (WW2/Communism related)
  • Optional group dinner

Day 12 – Berlin

  • Bike tour!
  • Optional group dinner

Day 13 – Berlin

  • Free day to explore the city
  • Goodbye dinner

Day 14 – Berlin

  • Departure day

Price: $2,350


Nomadic Matt’s Central Europe Tour

nomadic matt 2014 central europe tour budapest
Length: 13 days
Number of people: up to 12
Dates: August 17th to August 29th, 2014

Day 1 – Prague

  • Arrival day
  • Welcome meeting and dinner

Day 2 – Prague

  • Historical walking tour of the city
  • Visit to the Prague castle
  • Optional group dinner

Day 3 – Prague

  • Day trip to the famous bone church in Kutná Hora
  • Optional group dinner

Day 4 – Prague

  • Free day to explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world
  • Optional group dinner

Day 5 – Vienna

  • Train to Vienna
  • Group dinner (included)

Day 6 – Vienna

  • Historical walking tour
  • Optional group dinner

Day 7 – Vienna

  • Free time to explore the city
  • Optional group dinner

Day 8 – Bratislava

  • Mid-morning train to Bratislava
  • Historical walking tour of the city
  • Group dinner

Day 9 – Bratislava

  • Visit to Bratislava’s famous castles
  • Boat along the Danube
  • Afternoon to explore on your own
  • Optional group dinner

Day 10 – Budapest

  • Morning train to Budapest
  • Historical walking tour
  • Optional group dinner

Day 11 – Budapest

  • Group sightseeing visit to the old castle area and visit to the underground caves
  • Optional group dinner
  • Night out at the famous Ruin Bars (most eclectic bar scene in Europe)

Day 12 – Budapest

  • Group visit to the famous spas
  • Goodbye dinner

Day 13 – Budapest

  • Departure day

Price: $2,100




What’s Included in All the Tours?

  • All accommodations
  • Listed activities
  • Guided walking tours
  • Inter-city transportation
  • Local city transportation when traveling as a group
  • Group dinners not listed as “optional”

What’s not included in all tours?

  • International airfare
  • Applicable visa fees
  • Food outside that listed above
  • Alcohol
  • Souvenirs
  • Anything not listed

NOTE: As the months go on, I’ll be working with various local operators and vendors to fill even more activities!



Can I do a payment plan and pay in installments?
Yes, you can! We can work out something specific to your needs. Just send me an e-mail at [email protected] and we can talk. I can be flexible to your needs.

These tours seem to cost a lot. Why this price?
These aren’t backpacking trips and tours always cost more than traveling solo. That being said I make a big effort to pack a lot of activities and meals into these tours. These tours take you to my favorite sights, restaurants, and bars. I cram a lot in in two weeks. The tours offer great value and if you tried to do all this on your own, you wouldn’t be able to do this much cheaper than I’ve priced them out here.

What kind of rooms are we staying in?
We will be staying in dorm rooms. If you are traveling alone, you will be paired with another traveler of the same gender. If you are traveling as a couple, you’ll get your own private room together.

What if I want a single room?
If you want your own room, that’s possible but you’ll need to pay extra. Costs will vary depending on what you specifically want. Please contact me.

Is international airfare provided?
No, you’ll be responsible for your own airfare to and from the tour.

Will I need travel insurance?
Yes, all guests will be required to have travel insurance for the duration of the trip. I’ll be asking for proof before departure. If you don’t have it, you won’t be able to come.

Is there an age requirement?
You must be 18 years or older.

Will I need to fill out any release forms? 
Yes, you’ll also be required to fill out and sign a liability waiver releasing me and Nomadic Matt Tours from any and all liability related to the tour.

What if I change my mind? What is your refund policy?
I’ll cry but understand. Plans change. The refund policy is as follows: if you cancel 90 days before departure, you’ll get 100% of your money back. If you cancel between 90-60 days before departure, a 50% refund. If you cancel within 60-30 days of departure, a 25% refund. Cancelation within 30 days results in a 0% refund.

Will I have any time to myself?
Of course! I hate tours that book every minute of your day. While we will be busy, there will also be plenty of time for you to explore on your own! Travel is about adventure and discovery and I push those on my tours to go out and explore on their own!

What about visas?
If you require a visa to enter Europe, you’ll need to get that in advance at your own cost.

How many spots can I buy at once?
Reservations on the tour are limited to a maximum of 2 per person to ensure everyone gets a chance to go!

Can I go on both tours?
You sure can! You definitely book both tours if you want!

I still have questions. Can I contact you?
Of course! My e-mail is [email protected]


  1. Mimi

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your posts. They are very informative and I, personally, appreciate them. I wanted to ask you which train will you be taking to travel between Paris-Brussels-Berlin and so forth? Do you think plane rides will cost less than the train. I checked Eurorail and they are very expensive. If you can direct me to a website or give me suggestions I would so greatly appreciate it.



  2. Hey Matt! I’m going to be in Europe for the month of August too, except I think we’ll be doing Amsterdam-Brussels-London-Paris-Rome-Florence-Prague so I think I’ll just miss you in a few places but we might cross paths…Would be awesome to meet up :)

  3. Phil

    I have been planning on an extended back-packing trip this summer through Europe (A few months minimum). Do the tours meet in a specific city and you hop on for a few days? And how friendly are these tours for people who are in their Mid-Twenties and Queer.

  4. I recently found out about a “new” – well new to me – visa rule. Now I know about the 90/180 rule for traveling to countries in the Schengen Area, but there is apparently another piece to that rule. According to:

    “Citizens of certain countries are entitled to stay in Denmark for 90 days, regardless of stays in other Schengen countries

    Citizens of Australia, Canada, Chile, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the US can freely enter and stay in Denmark for up to 90 days in any 180-day period, regardless of whether they have stayed in another Schengen country prior to entry into Denmark. The 90 days are counted from the entry date into Denmark or another Nordic country. If you have previously spent time in Denmark or another Nordic country within the previous 180 days, that time will be deducted from the 90-day maximum.”

    I still want to call the Danish embassy to confirm this, as well as find out about which other Nordic countries this applies to. This is because the US & Denmark already have a bilateral visa agreement that precedes the Schengen agreement. If I understand this right then it means that you can travel to, say France for 90 days & then travel to Denmark to stay an EXTRA 90 days!

    Matt have you heard about this or do you have experience doing this?? Does anybody else know about this??

    • I’d just keep in mind, the opposite is not true, i.e., you couldn’t visit Denmark for 90 days, then France for 90 days, when you go to France, you’ll have already been in the Schengen area for 90 days.

  5. I just discovered your blog and found out about these tours- one week too late after my own little tour Barcelona – Brussels – Budapest! Guess I will need to save up for next year’s one. Congratulations on your lifestyle.

  6. These trips sound excellent Matt and would give any newcomer to Europe, a lovely, confident feeling. Since I actually live in Berlin, I won’t be joining you but if you ever decide to otganise a trip to Russia, let me know!

  7. So glad you’re doing more tours, especially in Europe! Love how the groups are so small, and I’m astounded at the prices – just over $2k for Western Europe? That’s a total steal! I think I’d spend more if I just went there on my own, so your tour sounds like a great way to save big $$

  8. Yada


    Do you have deadlines for these trips? I still waiting for my school to post the schedule for summer class.

    By the way, great site!


  9. I love how the internet has opened up competition with the standard package tour companies … stodgy, rushed and boring tours, meet your alternative: Nomadic Matt! :)

  10. Nice Matt! I loved Europe and I also went on a tour that seems similar to yours..No worries, it was many years ago before you even offered tours :-p
    It’s a good way to get to main awesome sites on your list checked AND see some cool other stuff from an experienced travel. Rock on. I’m sure your trips are amazing.
    Hope your enjoying Thailand – kaa!

  11. Jessica

    The Western Europe trip sounds awesome! I was wondering what is the age range you have for the tour? I am in my mid-late 20’s and would like to know if there are others there around that age?


  12. well if i could recommend something as a german who has been in many countries of the world, i would like to travel to Spain (Barcelona, Madrid) Italy (Venice, Lago di Gardo) Switzerland (Geneve,Lausanne) Austria (Salsbury) and Germany (Munich, Freiburg, Hamburg, Berlin).

  13. What a awesome trip! Wish I could come along.

    Any plans for a Eastern Europe Tour? I would be very interested in visiting, especially if you put together a tour.


  14. Ernesto De Jesus

    How many more spots are available for the Europe tours?
    Do you know the dates for the Australia tour?

  15. Hi Matt,

    thanks for all these information but mainly I decided to write you to thank you that you are smart and clever and know the differences between Central and Eastern Europe, I truly appreciate that :-)


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