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By Nomadic Matt | Published November 26th, 2012

sale nomadic mat It’s “Cyber Monday” – that annual time of the year when every online retailer has a sale to kick off the holiday shopping season. Never one to miss a good sale, I decided you might enjoy them as much as I do so I’m having my own Cyber Monday sale with massive discounts off my books, courses, and planning services.

If you’ve been on the fence about buying one of these items, now is the time to make the leap. From now until 6:00 am EST 11/27/12, I’m discounting everything by up to 50%. And if you change your mind, I still offer my 30 day money back guarantee on all the products and services listed.


You can pre-order the book at any of these online stores:
Barns and Nobles
Powell’s Bookstore

How to Teach English Overseas
This book will walk you through the process of getting a teaching job, understanding teaching degrees, and contains 12 interviews with other experienced teachers, and detailed country information for all the popular teaching destinations around the world.

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How to Make Money with Your Blog
This book will teach you the methods behind creating a popular and successful blog. It contains in depth information on SEO, design, marketing, social media, and monetization. If you are looking for guidance on taking your blog to the next step, join the over 1,000 other people who have used this book to help them.

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How to Build a Travel Blog
My guide on how to build a WordPress blog from scratch. Filled with screenshots, it walks you through the process of purchasing your domain, installing WordPress, setting up your blog, and tweaking your theme and settings. It will save you from pulling your hair out in frustration and get you up and running in a couple of hours.

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Nomadic Matt’s Planning Services
Last month, I launched a travel planning service for people who wanted more hands on help with planning their trip. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and not sure how to put it all together, let me help you. I offer three levels of service.

Please visit this page for more information as each package has too many features to write here!

Blogger Mentorship Program
This summer I launched a super secret blogging program to less than a handful of students. It sold out in 45 minutes. It was a 12 week, hands on, one on one mentorship program. This wasn’t me handing them an ebook and answering e-mails. It was weekly Skype calls, Google hangouts, fixing WordPress issues, and much more.

I enjoyed doing it so much that I decided to do it again. I’ll be starting it in early January. As part of cyber Monday, I am going to offer a pre-sale. The course will be $1,497 but if you purchase today, you can get it for $997. It is limited to 8 people.

You can learn more about the course here. Version 2.0 will see more guest speakers, more hangouts, and the addition of a dedicated WordPress techie to help you build your site and troubleshoot issues during the course.

Here’s what the other students said:

“If it wouldn’t have been for Matt’s mentorship program, I would have started travel blogging in the completely wrong direction. From day one, Matt pointed me in the right direction. He not only equipped me with the tools to run a successful travel blog now, but also with the knowledge I will need in the future. Matt’s advice and guidance was invaluable and his mentorship program is a must for anyone serious about getting into travel blogging.” – Stephen,

“Matt’s strength lies in his attention to detail and helping you to create a focus for your blog. It’s something he cares about, and he’s good at getting you to care about it too. As someone with an existing blog, these have been invaluable lessons in moving my blog past just another website, and turned it into something that can grab people’s attention and build an audience.” – Andy,

“Matt took me from having only a name registered to an actual functioning site with a lot of hand-holding and understanding in between. I know that at the end of the course, I’ll have a solid understanding of what, when, how to do all the necessary steps to set myself up for success. His gently de-mystification and simplification of the process will be invaluable for my progress in the future, saving me a ton of time and headaches. Thanks Matt!” – Emma,

The course might seem like a lot of money but if you are serious about turning your blog into a long term business and don’t want to buy just another impersonal ebook, this might be what you need.

So that is my Cyber Monday sale. If you have any questions, e-mail me! I’m around all day and like I said, if you purchase something and find that it is not right for you, I’ll refund your money no questions asked.



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Great deals! – I highly recommend: How to Make Money with Your Blog

Just bought your “How to Make Money With Your Blog” book and I’m loving it. I’ve already learned so much that I never thought about before. Now I’m ready to vamp up my blog before I head out in two weeks. Thanks Matt!


The only thing I’m disappointed about is waiting till Feb to read your book! My partner and I are saving up for a year-long RTW trip and I’m super excited to glean some strategies on cost savings from your book.


Complain to Penguin! I’d put it out today if I could!


Didn’t even know most of these existed! How to make money with your travel blog seems especially interesting since it can probably be adapted to fit all kinds of specific blog types.


The methods in that book can be adapted for any type of blog!

I guess I have to do a better job promoting my products!

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