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Two months ago, I was asked to do an online travel course with Creative Live. Creative Live is an organization that runs free online classes on everything from photography to video production to marketing to (now) travel. It was a big, big honor to be asked.

So next week, on January 29th and 30th, from 9 to 4pm PST, I’ll be teaching everyone the secrets of travel…and it’s all free. This is going to be a live version of my blog and books with added stories, content, websites, and tips, plus special guests on safety, working overseas, career breaks, technology, and more.

The class is called “Stress-Free Budget Travel”. All you need to do is sign up and tune in online each day to watch. Like I said, it’s free to watch.

The two days are broken down into eight modules that take you from planning your trip to what to do when you arrive at your destination. The focus is on saving money, finding work overseas, and just being inspired about your trip instead of overwhelmed with the planning. The modules are:

Module 1 – Travel Anywhere on a Budget

Module 2 – Optimize Your Finances

Module 3 – Staying Safe and Finding Companions

Module 4 – Essential Travel Gear and Technology

Module 5 – How to Save Money on Flights and Accommodation

Module 6 – Saving Money in Any Destination

Module 7 – Finding Work and Living Overseas

Module 8 – How to Plan Your Dream Trip

—–> Sign up (it’s free)

Moreover, you’ll get two free bonuses when you enroll:

  • 11 common mistakes to avoid (PDF)
  • 27 rules for travel (PDF)

If you miss the class, you’ll be able to purchase it later for $79 USD with the above bonuses plus:

  • A copy of the slides from the presentation
  • How to Build a Travel Blog ebook
  • Step-by-step planning checklist (PDF)

Here’s an introduction video Creative Live made:

So sign up (it‘s free). You’ll also be able to submit questions throughout the course, so if you have any burning travel questions, ask me! I’ll answer them all! :)

And, afterwards, if you’re in San Francisco, we‘re doing a big, big meet-up on Thursday, Jan 30th when the course is over. You can find all the information on the Facebook event page.

On an unrelated note, I’ve started doing video again. After many false starts, I filmed over a dozen videos so that I wouldn’t fall behind. I launched my YouTube channel two weeks ago and have two videos up. Check them out:

Hiking Miraflor Park in Nicaragua

How to Pack for Your Trip

Let me know what you think of the videos and suggestions on topics you’d like to see. In the future, I’ll try to put the videos on the blog too, but the best way to see each week’s new video is to subscribe to the channel on YouTube. I won’t always put the video here, and if you want more travel videos, subscribing to the channel ensures you won’t miss any!

  1. NICE. I’ve watched some Creative Live stuff before and come away with a few useful ideas so I’m glad you’re going to be featured. One thing I thought they could do better was to make their tips more accessible to the average entrepreneur/creator/blogger… I thought some of the guidance on the material I saw came across as a little elitist – a bit of a brag fest for the person interviewed rather than a helpful session for those hoping to learn something. Probably not intentional but definitely an opportunity for improvement that your sessions could address…

  2. Kate @KKMLT's Travel Journal

    Very nice presentation, Matt. I watched whenever I got a chance today but I also had to work..
    You talked about Thailand a lot. When are you going to Burma? (:

  3. Guinness.JM

    Just happened upon this site and wish I had found it sooner. The class looks like a keeper. Are you going to offer it again, and if so when?


  4. This a brilliant guide, simple and effective. I will endevour to share this as I haven’t found a more succinct/better how to yet. Will be great for my friend whom is about to embark on their Turkey travel adventure :)

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