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Unusual Place of the Month: The Catacombs of Paris

Underneath the city of Paris, you’ll find a honeycomb of tunnels. The French resistance used these tunnels during World War II, and rave parties flourished there during the 1990s. Victor Hugo used his knowledge about the tunnel system when he wrote Les Misérables. In 1871, communards killed a group of monarchists in one chamber. The tunnel system is a giant maze and no one knows quite how many tunnels or chambers there are out there. Paris is, after all, a […]

Unusual Place of the Month: Roswell UFO Museum

The truth is out there, and little gray aliens have visited the planet. Well, at least according to those at the Roswell UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico. Supposedly, on July 3, 1947, ranch owner Mac Brazel discovered a crashed flying saucer, along with several alien bodies. The military, at first, said it was a flying saucer, then later called it a weather balloon and swore everyone to secrecy. Many books have been written and TV documentaries have been filmed […]

Unusual Place of the Month: The Mars Restaurant

The Mars Restaurant is a space-themed restaurant located in New York City. It opened years ago and caters to tourists and families, as children seem to really love the walking aliens. Mars 2112 mixes fantasy and reality in a 35,000-square-foot, bi-level restaurant. Mars 2112 tries to create the experience of a meal on the planet Mars as it would seem in a hundred years. Reached by way of a sunken plaza, Mars 2112 features a 22-foot flying saucer, frozen in […]

Unusual Place of the Month: The Toilet Restaurant

Located in Taipei, Taiwan, this restaurant’s theme is, well, the toilet. This toilet restaurant, properly called ‘Modern Toilet,’ was opened by a former ice cream vendor who used to serve ice cream from a toilet bowl-shaped scooper. He got the idea for Modern Toilet after watching a Japanese cartoon that had a similar theme. Customers sit on toilet bowl-shaped stools, and eat their food out of dishes resembling male urinals, toilet bowls or bathtubs. They drink out of mini toilet […]

Unusual Place of the Month: Kutna Hora Bone Church

This church is located in Kutna Hora, a few miles outside of Prague in the Czech Republic. Officially called the Sedlec Ossuary, it is often just referred to as “the bone church,” and contains over 40,000 bones arranged to decorate this Roman Catholic church. In 1278, the church’s Abbot, Henry, went to the Holy Land. When he returned, he sprinkled some earth from the Holy Land around the church, making it holy too. Because of this, the cemetery in Sedlec […]

Unusual Place of the Month: The Swedish Ice Hotel

The Swedish Ice Hotel is located in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. It has over 80 rooms and is built annually using ice from the nearby Torne River. Construction begins each year in October using 10,000 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of snow. The 30,000-square-foot hotel is located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle and features an Absolut Vodka ice bar, an ice cinema, an ice chapel, ice family rooms, and ice suites. The whole structure uses 4,000 tons of ice. […]