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Touring a Coffee Plantation in Panama

I’m not a coffee drinker. I think the last time I had coffee was about three years ago. It’s been so long I’m not really sure. But I know it was Starbucks. I only drink them. Why? Because with all the flavors, milk, and whip cream they add to my coffee concoction, it masks the coffee taste and makes it drinkable for me. There’s only been one time I enjoyed a cup of java. It was back in 2003 when […]

Cahuita National Park

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is usually dominated by two places: the Amazon like jungle of Torteugero in the north and the party beach paradise of Puerto Viejo in the south. But traveling the Caribbean coast, there was one place I liked best: Cahuita. About an hour north of Puerto Viejo on the southern Caribbean coast, it’s a popular stop for many travelers but it is nowhere near as crowded as other spots along the coast. Most travelers visit […]

Learning to Ski Again

When I was younger, I was a pretty good skier. I started learning when I was about three. I remember my parents would take my sister and me up skiing throughout the winter. By the time I graduated high school, I could zoom down double black diamonds without any trouble. But then I stopped. My parents no longer went, my friends didn’t ski, and my winter breaks in college were spent working. As I got older and became adverse to […]

My Fear of Heights

I hate heights. SERIOUSLY hate heights, which is ironic considering how often I fly. Any bump in the air and I grab onto the seat like Paris Hilton grabs onto bags of cocaine. I won’t even go near ledges or cliffs. And if someone does manage to get me up to an observation tower, it takes me about ten minutes to walk towards the glass. I’m that scared. All of which makes this latest travel video all the more interesting […]

New York City Architecture

New York City has a rich architectural history. From the iconic Empire State building to Tudor City or the brownstones of the West Village and everything in between, New York encompasses many architectural styles. I always see the buildings, oooo and ahhh at them but realized I didn’t know much about them. Part of traveling is learning the history of the place. It helps put the city, the people, the buildings into context. Heading to Paris and seeing the Eiffel […]

Why I’ll Never Stop…

This last weekend was the 2nd annual Travel Blogging Conference (this year in New York City). During one of the panels, they showed a video about travel. More precisely, it was about backpacking but the thoughts, ideas, and themes apply to all travel. Sometimes I think “maybe I need a break.” Sometimes I feel like I’m over it all. Sometimes I’m just bored with it. Then along comes something like this and I am refreshed, renewed, and re-inspired all over […]

Bali’s Monkey Temple

One of the popular things to do in Bali is to visit the monkey temple in Ubud. I don’t really know why. It’s nothing amazing and you can’t enter the actual temples but the grounds the area is on are very lovely…and yes, filled with a lot of monkeys. I’m not a huge fan of visiting places where monkeys are used to people. Once in Lopburi Thailand, I got attacked by some food stealing monkeys (They snatched it right as […]

Balinese Dancing

Balinese dancing is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen and going to a performance was a highlight of my time in Bali. I saw the dance in Ubud, where most people end up seeing one too. It’s supposed to be the most traditional as well as one of the best places to see it. I’m not an expert on Balinese dancing so I’m not sure if that is true. However, what is true is that what I saw […]

Songkran: Thai New Year

Songkran is a 3 day water fight that celebrates the Thai New Year. It occurs between April 13th to 15th (which coincidentally is the hottest month of the year). All over the country, from big cities to tiny villages, Thais celebrate the new year by dumping buckets of cold water on each other. The holiday is meant to wash away the old year and bring in the new year.  It’s awesome to see little kids, seniors, and even police get […]

Off Roading on Fraser Island

Fraser Island, located in Queensland, Australia, is the world’s largest sand island. Moreover, it’s one of those “must sees” on Australia’s east coast travel trail. The majority of people who visit do a 4WD self-drive tour around the island. You’ll spend 3 days camping, getting sand everywhere, swimming in lakes and streams, eating, avoiding dingoes, and drinking by the campfire. Travel Tips for Fraser Island If you do a self-drive tour, you need to bring your own food and alcohol. […]