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My Best Travel Articles of 2011

With 2011 almost over, I can’t help but look back on this year with gratitude. This site has grown beyond my wildest expectations. It seems that every year only keeps getting better. For that, I have all of you to thank. Without you, this site wouldn’t be what it is. Thank you! And since this year saw so many new readers, I thought it would be a good idea to sum up the year and highlight some of my favorite […]

My Favorite Hostels in the World

I often write about my favorite hostels in regions around the world but I’ve never written about my favorite hostels in the world. With more than 55 countries and five years of backpacking under my belt, I’ve stayed in hundreds of hostels. Some were so bad that I’ve blocked them out of my memories. But out of those hundreds, I have some clear favorites. Places I’ll never forget and will go out of my to stay in: Rocking Js (Puerto […]

The Best Sushi Around the World

Sushi is my favorite food. I’d eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I could. (In fact, I have had it for breakfast before.) Since it is such a popular delicacy and you can pretty much find it anywhere in the world, I make it my mission to try sushi everywhere I go in an attempt to find the best sushi places in the world. After visiting countless sushi restaurants over the years, these are my favorite destinations for […]

15 Things I Hate About Backpacking

I’ve been backpacking for over five years now. That’s a long time to travel period, let alone staying in hostels, dorm rooms, living out of the same backpack, and traveling on the cheap. I really love this form of travel though, which is why I’ve continued to do it for so many years. I enjoy hostels, meeting people, light travel, the wild adventures, the youthful vibe, and not having guides and tours hold my hand the whole way. Plus, I […]

Five Destinations Under 30 Dollars Per Day

We all want to take that vacation, career break, or gap year, but with the way the economy is right now, many people are concerned about being financially stable. To some, travel is not an option. It is a luxury. However, the idea that travel is always expensive is simply not true. There are plenty of great travel destinations in the world that won’t break your bank once you’re there. Here are five of my favorites places to travel on […]

My Favorite Travel Blogs of 2010

Everyday, more and more people are starting travel blogs. It’s hard to keep up with them all. I wish I could because I love reading people’s travel stories. They keep me excited about life on the road. But there’s too many blogs to read. Yet I do have some favorites and I wanted to bring your attention to some great travel sites that are worth reading: (Note: I picked blogs that weren’t already popular and well known as I wanted […]

Top Signs You’re A Frequent Flier

With all the flying I’ve been doing lately, I’ve come to realize I may fly too much. I feel like Ryan Bingham from Up in the Air or at the least Johnny Jet. Over the next six weeks, I will be traveling to several destinations in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia for both business and pleasure. It’s a hectic travel schedule and one that will definitely help me rack up a lot of frequent flier miles. I’m going […]

Great Festivals of the World

Festivals. A place where people looking to have a great time can dance, listen to great music, celebrate, party, have fun, and relax. They happen all over the world for many different reasons. Some celebrate religion, some the new year, some art, some the harvest- whatever the reason, every month, somewhere in the world, you’ll find people descending on a location to celebrate and share a common experience. If you don’t like crowds, they probably aren’t for you. But if […]

This one time, while traveling….

Last weekend I met some old friends from college I haven’t seen since graduation. They wanted to know one thing about my travels: “What were my crazy stories? What were the wild things that have happened to me?” I don’t often think about the crazy things that happen while I’m traveling. To me, they are just part of the whole travel experience- stories no good or worse than all the rest. Even the bad is still good. Yet forced to […]

Thirteen Other Great Travel Websites

As I mentioned in a previous post, last week was the 2nd annual travel blogging conference. Besides having an awesome video that re-inspired me and being a great excuse for 250 travelers to party together, it was also a chance to meet some of the other travelers I spent most of my day talking to and whose websites I frequently read. While a lot of attention always goes to the “top sites” out there, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other […]