The Saturday City: Los Angeles

I’m back in Los Angeles for the 2011 L.A. Times Travel Show. Now, as you know, I’m no fan of Los Angeles. There’s just something about it that rubs me the wrong way. But, I keep coming back here because I have friends who live here and I’m never one to fully write off a […]

The Saturday City: Panama City

Often called the Miami of the South, Panama City is the capital of Panama and very much like the US city of Miami. There are high-rise condos located on the waterfront, lots of traffic, Spanish music everywhere, lots of movements, and an electric energy. But I actually found it to remind me more of Bangkok […]

The Saturday City: San Jose

When I first went to San Jose, Costa Rica in 2003, I thought it was a grimy city. It wasn’t a place I wanted to spend a lot of time in. There was trash everywhere, the buildings were run down, and when compared to other Spanish cities, there was no post-colonial charm to be found.  […]

The Saturday City: Seattle

I associate Seattle with three things: Starbucks, music, and hippies. It’s a city filled with coffee shops where musicians and artists entertain while residents talk about saving the world. It’s a liberal city; it’s an alternative city, but it’s also a cool city. It’s clean, sits next to water and nature, and it has great […]

The Saturday City: Darwin

Back in 2007, I was traveling around Australia and landed in Darwin, the main top end town and the gateway to Kakadu and Litchfield national parks. I didn’t spend much time in Darwin while I was there, forgoing the city for the parks that surrounds it. But from what I did see, I was fascinated. […]

The Saturday City: Las Vegas

I like to gamble. A lot. Poker, blackjack, and, more recently, craps (though I find that game a bit boring). Given that hard truth, I’ve avoided Las Vegas my entire life. I knew any trip to Vegas would lead to lots of gambling and that the easiest way to defeat my addiction was to deny […]