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The Saturday Cities I Don’t Like

Back in 2008, I wrote about some of the cities in the world I didn’t like. Since then I’ve been to a lot more places in the world. I liked about 99% of them. But, you can’t like everywhere. While I always try to look for the good in place and be fair my judgment, sometimes I just dislike a place. Places like these: Auckland Auckland isn’t a bad city. It’s just boring. Sure, it might be different if you […]

The Saturday City: The Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre consists of five beautiful hillside towns (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso) on the west coast of Italy. They are famous for being historic and, well, beautiful. Not just “This place is beautiful” beautiful but more like “I died and gone to heaven and never want to leave” beautiful. I visited here on my first tour through Europe and was only supposed to spend three days. I spent a week. If it wasn’t for the money (The Cinque […]

The Saturday City: Rotorua

Rotorua, New Zealand is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the North Island. (UN)Affectionately called Rotorvegas, this city is the launching ground for nature walks, Maori cultural experiences, trips to smelly geysers, and luxury spas. Besides being known for its hordes of tourist, this city is famous for its smell. The sulfur springs emit a funky odor that can be smelt all over the city. Yet whatever smell people walk away complaining about, I didn’t notice so Rotorua […]

The Saturday City: Edinburgh

The first thing you notice about Edinburgh is its beauty. The cobble streets, tight quarters, the castle, the Gothic architecture of many of its buildings- it jumps out at you. While the city has a modern section, the charm of old Edinburgh permeates the whole city. There is history everywhere you look in this city. One of the real charms of Edinburgh is that it is very walkable and you almost trip over the history where you go. Some of […]

The Saturday City: Barcelona

This wasn’t my first time in Barcelona. During my first trip around the world, I came here after deciding Amsterdam was getting too cold for me. I heard only good things about the city, and with cheap flights to the city, it seemed like the best place to go. I was only there for three days but I fell in love with the city. It had such atmosphere. I knew I would come back. A few weeks ago, I did. […]

The Saturday City: Ko Chang

Located near the Cambodian border, I first heard of Ko Chang during my first visit to Thailand back in 2005. I was in Chang Mai and two backpackers were arguing over whether I should go to Ko Chang or Ko Samet. Back then, Ko Chang was a backpacker’s paradise. If Thailand had something close to “The Beach,” this would have been it. There were few tourists on it, no resorts, no organized tours, a dirt road, and only a handful […]

The Saturday City: Top Ten Cities for Partying

I thought for this edition of the Saturday City, we’d do something a bit different. Instead of one city, let’s talk about ten. Ten great cities to party in. As travelers, we have nothing but time on the road and, at night when the sightseeing is over, we usually spend that time going out and meeting other travelers. I do. Quite often. So if you are looking for the best places to get loaded with other travelers, here’s my thoroughly […]

The Saturday City: Taipei

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan. It is situated on the Danshui River, almost at the northern tip of the country, about 25 km southwest of Keelung, which is its port on the Pacific Ocean. Living Taipei was an interesting experience. I had a lot of fun and I think Taipei is a great city, even if I wouldn’t live there again. Some cities you click with, some you don’t. However, Taipei has a lot to do and I would […]

The Saturday City: Washington D.C.

Today I realized that it has been about two months since I last did a Saturday city. I like the series, even if it doesn’t draw a lot of comments. It’s a good way for me to remember all those places I’ve been.  I thought there would be no better way to re-launch this series than by highlighting the capital of the United States. It’s not because I’m some super ardent patriot but because Obama has been in the news […]

The Saturday City: Sydney

It’s not often I get awed by man made wonders. I tend to fawn over nature more than I do steel and concrete. Yet when I gazed upon the Sydney Harbor Bridge, my heart skipped a beat. My jaw dropped. I “OOOOed” and “AHHHed.” “Wow.” I said to my friend. It was as amazing as people said it was. And that describes my time in Sydney – it was everything people said it would be. Sydney is one of the […]