The Saturday City: Brasov

I loved my visit to Romania and I found Brasov to my favorite city. I had the best time there and I found it to be a wonderful base for exploring the area. For some reason, hardly anyone visits Romania. I rarely ever saw any large groups of tourists while here. But for the travelers […]

My Favorite Cities in the World

Though I’ve done a post on my least favorite cities (twice!), I’ve realized I have never done a post on my all-time favorite cities, though longtime readers might be able to guess at which ones I really love. (There are a lot of posts about Stockholm, Paris, Bangkok, right?) Given that I’ve written about the […]

The Saturday City: Copenhagen

The city of Copenhagen has a long and rich history. It was the center of the Danish empire for hundreds of years, and, as such, it is home to many palaces, historic buildings, and cultural relics. But modern Copenhagen is not a city steeped in the past — it is looking forward to the future. The […]

The Saturday City: Beautiful Bergen

The conversation usually begins like this: “You’re going to Norway?” “Yes, for a few weeks.” “You have to go to Bergen. It’s simply amazing.” No matter who I mentioned my trip to Norway to, they would talk about seeing Bergen with as much excitement as seeing the beautiful Norwegian fjords. I didn’t know what to […]

The Saturday City: Quito

Set high up in the mountains, Quito is the capital city of Ecuador. Outside of Rio, Buenos Aires or Bogotá, I have always pictured South American cities to be past their prime – built up in the past and left to just decay.  I had always imagined Quito to be dirty, grimy, a bit unsafe, […]

The Saturday City: Boquete

Boquete. This little mountain town may now be slightly overrun with expats, but I it was one of the few places in Panama I truly loved. The town is small, quiet, located in the mountains, and surrounded by amazing jungles and rivers. After coming from the loud islands of Bocas del Toro, this place was […]