The Saturday City: Macau

I love to gamble. Some people spend money on TVs, clothes, and sports tickets – I spend money at the blackjack table. Ever since I heard Macau was the biggest gaming center in the world, I’ve wanted to visit. Yes, that’s right – there is currently more money flowing in Macau than Las Vegas! Truthfully, […]

The Saturday City: Kampot

When I first came to Cambodia in February 2007, I sped through it like The Flash because I had to reach Bangkok by March 1st to start my Thai classes. I missed a number of places, including Kampot, a tiny quiet town on the coast, south of Sihanoukville. I vowed to make it there on […]

The Saturday City: Overrated Krakow

I’m just going to say it: Krakow, Poland is an overrated destination. Whenever I travel through Europe, people always ask me if I’m going to visit Krakow. “No,” I usually respond. “Ohh, you’re really missing out. It’s one of the best cities in the world,“ they reply. This year, as I finally made my way […]

The Saturday City: Vienna

It took me three times to really see Vienna. When I first went in 2006, I was visiting friends and we didn’t do much of anything except lounge around in a park and go to a concert. The second time was to see a girl I was dating, and my time was spent with her […]

The Saturday City: Hamburg

Whenever I hear a city mentioned with glowing enthusiasm, I get a bit skeptical. I’ve learned that having expectations about a place often lead to disappointment. Places get built up so much in your head that reality can often never live up to your imagination. And so whenever people told me how amazingly wonderful Hamburg, […]

The Saturday City: Tallinn

I have always viewed the Baltics as sort of the outer frontier of European travel. A place well off the beaten Eurotrip path that most travelers follow. I couldn’t say where the genesis of this thought came from, but probably from the fact I can count on one hand the amount of people I know […]