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What I Loved (and Hated) About My Cruise

So what does this nomadic backpacker think of the cruise he went on? IT WAS AWESOME. It was so enjoyable that when it came time to head home, I didn’t want to leave. I missed it. I was surprised, because before I left, I didn’t really have high expectations for my cruise. After all, a cruise ship is simply a floating resort. How great could all that sitting around and relaxing really be?  Wouldn’t it get boring? Apparently not. I […]

What I Learned on My Vacation (or Thoughts on Being a Travel Writer)

“Isn’t your life a vacation?” people asked me before my cruise. “You’re always traveling!” Yes, I am always traveling but it’s not a vacation – travel for me is work. It’s fun work and I’d rather be a travel blogger than back at my old cubicle job, but it’s still work. All these blog posts and wonderful tips don’t come naturally. I hunt everything out, do research, and follow up so visitors to this site have the information they need […]

How I Spent My Seven Day Cruise Vacation

Last week, I took a vacation. I was burnt out and needed some time to myself. I decided to do something nomadic backpackers don’t normally do…ever – I went on a cruise. After all, a cruise is the quintessential vacation, right? What better way to relax than to go on one! The cruise was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be but I’ll save the blogs about the cruise for later. For now, let’s talk about […]

Welcome, New Readers! (What I’m All About!)

Over the last few weeks, I’ve gained a lot of new readers through a plethora of conferences and lots of guest posts around the web. So, as I go on vacation this week, I wanted to take some time and say hello to all the new readers of this site and let them get to know a bit about me and the site. What’s Nomadic Matt all about? In 2005, on a trip to Thailand, my whole life changed. I […]

Why This Independent Backpacking Nomad is Going on a Cruise

A lot of people hate cruises. Oversized boats filled with oversized people. There’s a particular disdain for them among backpackers and other “real” travelers. “Cruises aren’t travel,” people say, “You don’t get to experience the local culture. You don’t get to explore the places you visit. You are shuttled from place to place in pre-fabricated tours in gigantic groups.” Cruises are considered fake travel for people who want to pretend they are traveling some place without having to do any […]

The Shape of Things to Come on This Blog

In my life, time always seems to be in such short supply. I had hoped coming home from Asia and “slowing down” would allow me to have more time to relax but it hasn’t….yet. After heading home in April, I had a million things to do (read: taxes) before I was off to Japan for three weeks, and then to Las Vegas for a conference. But now, I am finally going to slow down like I had said I would months […]

Am I Just a Stranger in a Strange Land Now?

We travel around the world to seek foreign lands, but sometimes after returning home, we find out that home is the real foreign land. After three weeks of being back in America, I feel like I am a stranger in a strange land. America has changed. There’s something different about it this time around. I’ve been home before. I spent the summer of 2010 in New York City, and I circle home every so often to visit my parents. I […]

What I’ve Been Doing Since I’ve Been Home

First, I’d like to tell everyone: don’t worry. I am not giving up traveling, nor am I giving up blogging. After I wrote about ending my nomadic ways, my inbox and social media streams were flooded with questions and concerns. However, don’t worry. As I said at the end of that blog post, the only change in my life is that I am no longer going to be a nomad. I am going to have a home base and I’m […]

This is Where This Journey Ends

They say everything comes in threes, and I guess that my journey has had three big moments. The first is when I fell in love with travel. It was 2004 and I was on my first international trip. I had originally intended to visit Australia but somehow I ended up in Costa Rica. I don’t even remember how anymore, it’s just been too long. But I do clearly remember that somewhere between eating the best bruschetta of my life, creeping […]

Why Trippy is a Giant Failure and How Crowdsourcing Can Improve Travel

Picture this. You’re preparing to go to London, someplace you’ve never been. You bought a guidebook — but those get dated fast, so beyond the typical tourist attractions listed, you aren’t sure what information is accurate and current. So you go online, log into a website, post your trip itinerary, and said website connects to your Facebook and Twitter accounts — and now your friends can leave suggestions about what to see, do, and where to eat. Armed with this […]