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Updates on Life, Speaking, and My First Reader Tour to Europe

My life is a whirlwind right now, which is why this blog has been so quiet lately. I just spent 10 days in Austin, Texas attending the SXSW film/music/tech festival, and in addition, I’ve been finishing my book tour, doing lots of interviews and events for my new book, and overall, just trying to keep my head above water. I’ve been sort of neglecting the blog. March hasn’t seen many posts and probably won’t. That’s not to say I have […]

March 21st, 2013 | by Nomadic Matt | Random Musings | Comments Off on Updates on Life, Speaking, and My First Reader Tour to Europe

The Settled Life in New York City

It’s been almost a month since I signed my lease and picked up the keys. I’ve bought a bed. I’ve unpacked my bag, hung up my clothes, and filled my fridge with food. I’m settled. I have roots. I have a neighborhood. I’m no longer fully nomadic. Am I at least semi-nomadic? I don’t even know. People keep asking me when my next trip is. “I don’t know,” I tell them. I’m currently on my book tour until April and […]

Paris is NOT a Touristy Destination

As winter continues and the days get colder, I find people begin to think of travel: warmer places, tropical beaches, and spring trips. My inbox fills up more than normal with questions on where to escape to, what to see, and things to do. And lately there has been a common theme to these emails: people want to get off the beaten trail and avoid the “touristy” stuff. ”I don’t want to go to Paris. It’s too touristy. Where else […]

The End of My Solo Travels

“Africa will change you,” people said to me,”There’s something about it that affects us all.” Well, Africa didn’t change me. I’m still the same old me, but that doesn‘t mean Africa didn‘t teach me something or, should I say, reaffirmed a long-felt feeling. If 2012 was defined by anything, it was my personal struggle over coming to terms with settling down. 2012 was an internal struggle between knowing I was ready to settle in one place and my desire to […]

What’s in Store for 2013

Welcome to 2013! I’m really looking forward to this year as it will bring just as many changes as the last one did. Last year was a big year for me: I finished my book, realized I want to settle down, lived in Sweden for a bit, redesigned my site, launched a blogging course, and somehow still found time to visit 20 countries and enjoy life. This year will also be full of change and I want to kick off […]


I woke up in a haze. “Why is my iPhone screen cracked? Did I break it while I was sleeping?” Half awake, I looked closer. No, not broken, just a deceptive-looking black-and-white album cover. I was simply groggy, confused, and slightly stupid from the few hours of sleep I had gotten. I opened the window shade and looked out the window. The sky was changing from black to a rainbow of colors as the sun ushered in a new day…one […]

Am I Really Just a Debbie Downer?

A few weeks ago, I ran a survey, and some of you commented on how negative I’ve been. “Quit your whining,” they said. Now, the comments did make me think a bit. Have I been overly negative the past year? After all, I do get the occasional blog comment telling me to “slow down” or that I’m “just not as chipper” as I used to be. At least not as consistently chipper as I used to be (see my Japan […]

My Hostel Horror Story: When My Roommate Shit in Our Dorm Room

Over the years, I’ve had some bad hostel roommates. They’ve been rude, messy, dirty, smelly, drunk, loud, and everything in between. Two girls in New Zealand were so bad they inspired me to write a post on hostel etiquette. But through it all, I’ve kept staying at hostels. I love hostels because of their gregarious social atmosphere. Hotels seem too sterile when compared with the energy and camaraderie of hostels. As I’ve gotten older, more set in my ways, and […]

Out of Europe and Into America

Last year, I wrote about how after all these years of travel, I was ready to slow down and become semi-nomadic. My last year-long trip around the world ended in March, but as many of you have noted, I still don’t seem settled down. I keep moving around. I had a plan to stop. I intended to settle in Sweden through the end of the year, but after not being able to find an apartment, I abandoned those plans. After […]

Answering Your Survey Responses, A Brand New Site Design, and Picking the Europe Contest Winner

A few weeks ago I asked you to complete my annual reader survey. I got a lot of responses (thank you!) and I spent hours going through all of them. Your feedback lets me know what I am doing right and wrong, and what I need to improve on. I take all constructive feedback to heart, and since you took the time to respond to my survey, I wanted to take the time to respond to you. Spelling/Grammar – “Hooked […]