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The Bay of Islands

A few hours north of Auckland is the Bay of Islands. It’s a small area where people go to holiday, sail, swim, see dolphins, and relax. The main tourist town is Paihia, though a lot of people go to nearby Russßell too. If you’ve ever been to the Cape, Martha’s Vineyard, Byron Bay, or any seaside town that relies solely on tourism, then you’ll have a good idea as to what this area is like. There’s not much going on […]

From New Zealand, With (SERIOUS) Jetlag

I hardly ever get jetlag. My bottle of Ambien and I usually become good friends whenever I fly long-haul trips. It helps me keep my sleeping schedule normal. Whenever I land, I take another Ambien that night, pass out, and wake up feeling like sunshine and moonbeams. Yet all did not work out for me this time. My flight from Bangkok left at 5pm and landed in Sydney at what would have been 1am Bangkok time. I don’t even go […]