Success Stories: How Dan Readjusted to Life Back Home

Two months ago, Erin told us about how she readjusted to life after spending two years traveling the world. This month, continuing our reader story series, Dan shares his story about how he readjusts to life back home after spending enormous amounts of time on the road. What makes Dan’s story a little different is […]

Love, Fear, and a Chance of Drowning with Torre DeRoche

Did you ever read Eat, Pray, Love? Did you like it? I didn’t — and when I saw the movie on a flight, I wanted to throw a shoe at the screen. I’m not really a “chick flick” movie guy (exceptions: Love Actually and The Notebook, two great movies). But then my friend Torre DeRoche […]

Interview with Tim Leffel

A few months ago, you might have noticed a newly-released book on traveling the world on the cheap. Recently, Tim Leffel, one of the original budget travel gurus and a travel writer I admire greatly (who also read through drafts of my own book), updated his cheapest destination book, The World’s Cheapest Destinations. As someone […]

Reader Stories: How Erin is Readjusting to Life Back Home

Readjusting to life back home can be a challenge. I remember my first time coming home – I had major culture shock. I remember the supermarkets just feeling so big. And the stores. And the meal portions. (We have such big meals here in the States!) Plus, most of my friends couldn’t relate to my […]