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What’s Your Greatest Regret?

My biggest regret is that I never studied overseas while I was at university. So continuing on with question #4 of 6 in my series on reader travel experiences, this installment’s question is about your biggest travel regret. It seemed most people regretted not starting earlier or not going longer. Besides those two responses, here are some others: “Sometimes I feel I have tried to do too much while traveling and that I don’t allow myself to immerse myself into […]

Interview with George Hobica

With the summer travel season picking up, airfares are going up and trying to figure out how to find a cheap flight can be quite confusing. What is a good price? What is bad? What’s the latest tricks? Heck, even I get confused sometimes and I deal with this stuff everyday! So I decided to sit down and talk to George Hobica, founder of Airfarwatchdog. This is a site I recommend often as they constantly scouring the internet for cheap […]

Your Worst Travel Experience

Last week, I lost my passport. It was by far the worst thing that has happened to me while traveling. Sure, getting hospitalized due to food poisoning in Costa Rica was pretty bad but emotionally, losing 9 years of stamps is worse. So I thought it only fitting that has we get half way through the series on reader travel experiences, this installments questions would be “What’s the worst thing that happened to you while traveling?” Here are the other […]

Your Greatest Travel Memory

As I continue to get closer to the 5 year anniversary of my travels, I’m continuing to highlight your stories. You know my story but I wanted to hear from others about their travels – from why we left, to the ups, the downs, and the wisdom learned on the road. We started off with why people started traveling. Today, travel lovers from around the world take a moment to share with us their greatest travel memory: “After a challenging […]

Interview with Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is a travel deals guru. Since 2000, he has been helping people travel cheaper. His weekly newsletter goes out to tens of thousands of people looking to find great specials and money saving deals. He has been featured by every news publication under the sun and is regularly on TV giving travel tips. I’ve always been in awe of him. I recently spoke to him about ways consumers could save money on flights and short term trips: Nomadic […]

Why Did You Start Traveling?

To celebrate my blog turning three, I asked a series of travel related questions to my readers. It was time for them to share their story. I was tired of just listening to me talk and I wanted to know what makes my readers tick and what inspires them to travel. Today starts that series so, without further ado, here is what has inspired other people to hit the road: “It’s not that I *believe* the grass is greener on […]

The Lost Girls Get Found

The Lost Girls (Amanda, Holly, and Jen) were three friends from NYC who decided to set out on a round the world trip. Their blog become a hit and inspiration for others, especially among women seeking to travel the world. They have recently published a book chronicling their adventures. Today, I sit down with Amanda to discuss their trip, the book, and female travel: Nomadic Matt: What made you decide to travel the world together? Amanda Presser: Five years ago, […]

Interview with Pauline Frommer

Pauline Frommer, daughter of guidebook legend Arthur Frommer, sits down with us to talk about the family business, her own line of guidebooks, budget travel tips, and her worst travel experience ever. Nomadic Matt: Many kids choice the opposite of their parent’s interest but embraced your father’s love of travel. Is there one moment in your life where you thought travel is all you wanted to do? Pauline Frommer: I’m not sure it’s true that children usually go in the […]

Traveling to Hell with Chuck Thompson

In 2008, I had the privilege of interviewing Chuck Thompson. Chuck is a very well known travel writer and one of the first interviews I ever did. I had just finished his book, “Smile When You’re Lying, and sent an off chance interview request to him. Surprisingly”, he agreed. Smile When You’re lying is a look at his adventures through the travel industry and its white washed picture perfect world. It’s a funny, witty, cynical book that is an amazing […]

Talking Sustainability with Bruce Poontip

My first trip by myself was with Gap Adventures. I went to Costa Rica and got the travel bug that still lives in my system. Since then I have been an ardent fan of Gap. They offer tours with a lot of personal time and have a strong commitment to the local people and the environment.  It was my extreme pleasure then to sit down with him Bruce Poontip, the CEO, and discuss Gap adventures, tour groups, and sustainable travel […]