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Airline Industry Interview With Scott Mayerowitz

I love flying. Well, not taking off and landing, because any bump and I think we’re going down, but I love sitting in the plane, watching a movie, and relaxing. I love being in airports. I love the overall experience and since I talk a lot about the consumer side of airline travel, today I interview Scott Mayerowitz, an airline reporter for the Associated Press, about the business side of the airline industry. Nomadic Matt: Tell us about what you […]

Answering Reader Mail: Travel, Life, TEFL, Instagram

Earlier this year, I started posting video Q&A’s on my Facebook page. But between slow internet connections in rural Cambodia, a book to finish, and everyday life, I just couldn’t keep up with the videos and they stopped. But since I really love answering reader “mail,” I wanted to do something. Knowing I don’t have the time to record, edit, and process a video at the moment, I decided a blog post was just as good. So a few weeks […]

What’s It Like to Actually Work on a Cruise Ship?

Before I went on my cruise, a lot of people said they wouldn’t cruise because of their poor labor practices. Cruises exploit workers, they said. I’ve heard about the long hours and low pay that most cruise workers endure but rather than assume, I turned to Wandering Earl, who for a number of years worked on cruise ships as a tour director. Earl and I spoke about what it’s really like to be a member of the “crew” on a […]

Flying at 35000 Feet with Heather Poole

I first met Heather Poole at a travel blog conference. We got along very well and I had been reading her blog for awhile. She writes about life as a flight attendant. Recently, she published a book, Cruising Attitude: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35,000 Feet, about life as a flight attendant. I, ironically, picked it up at an airport and read it on a plane. She found time at 35,000 feet to talk about her […]

Breaking Down Credit Card Rewards with Brian Kelly

Long time readers know I love travel credit cards because of the huge amount of points and perks they bring. (New readers now know this.) In fact, this month alone I signed up for an Amex Platinum (50,000 points) and United Airlines card (60,000 points) with more sign-ups planned next month. Points bring lots of benefits like free flights, elite status, free checked bags, and priority boarding. And, while I know a lot about this subject, there are people who […]

Interview with Lonely Planet’s Founder

One thing I love about having a travel blog is that it lets me meet amazing everyday people and also gives me a chance to meet my travel heroes. I’ve had drinks with Pauline Frommer, meet Rick Steves, became friends with Johnny Jet and Matt Gross the (ex) Frugal Traveler, hung out with Rolf Potts, and chatted about flights with George Hobica just to name a few things. A few weeks ago, Lonely Planet put me in touch with their […]

Expert Traveler’s Advice for New Travelers

Back in April, I celebrated 3 years of traveling blogging and in 5 days, I will celebrate five years of traveling. In honor of both those occasions, I asked you, my readers, six questions as a lead up to my big travel anniversary. It’s been really interesting seeing your responses over the last few months. We’ve been through five of the questions and today we finish with the last one: what advice would you give to new travelers? One of […]

The One Thing You Can’t Live Without

Everyone has that one thing they can’t live with in life. When you are traveling, you also have the one thing you can’t travel without. That one item that makes the good day, better, and the bad day, good. For me, it is my iPod. I love music. It makes my world go around and you will rarely find me not listening to something. I once had my iPod stolen and was without music for 5 months. It was the […]

What’s Your Greatest Regret?

My biggest regret is that I never studied overseas while I was at university. So continuing on with question #4 of 6 in my series on reader travel experiences, this installment’s question is about your biggest travel regret. It seemed most people regretted not starting earlier or not going longer. Besides those two responses, here are some others: “Sometimes I feel I have tried to do too much while traveling and that I don’t allow myself to immerse myself into […]

Interview with George Hobica

With the summer travel season picking up, airfares are going up and trying to figure out how to find a cheap flight can be quite confusing. What is a good price? What is bad? What’s the latest tricks? Heck, even I get confused sometimes and I deal with this stuff everyday! So I decided to sit down and talk to George Hobica, founder of Airfarwatchdog. This is a site I recommend often as they constantly scouring the internet for cheap […]