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The Joy of Traveling as a Couple

Editor’s Note: This is the start of a series of posts by Ant and Elise, a couple that has been traveling together for over a year, on the ups and downs of traveling as a couple. They will be writing a monthly column on traveling as two since I want to be able to provide some advice for couples traveling and I tend to travel mostly alone. Traveling as a couple is unlike anything else. You’re not alone nor are […]

Four Tips for Taking Better Travel Photos

This is a guest post by Bethany Salvon. Everyone wants to take good travel photos but most people are frustrated when what they see doesn’t translate accurately onto film or pixels. Taking good photos takes time and practice. However, there are some quick tips that can be used to make your photos better right away. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking photos with your phone, a point and shoot or an expensive SLR, some basic photo tips are universal and […]

The Joy of Solo Travel

This is a guest blog by Laura, our resident expert on female travel. Solo travel is not always easy. It tests my patience, courage, and willingness to adapt to situations outside of my comfort zone. But, despite the challenges, because of solo travel, I’ve met people and had opportunities, adventures I don’t think would have had otherwise. Traveling alone has taught me many things and opened up many great doors. Some of my favorite memories are: Come Stay with Me […]

A Girl’s Guide to Italy

This is a guest blog by Laura, our resident expert on female travel. The reasons to travel to Italy are as varied as their gelato flavors. Some people go to get a taste of history while others take part in the outdoor activities. For me, Italy is all about indulgences…and over indulgences! From architecture to food to wine to life, Italians go all out. They know how to eat, they know how to dress, and they know how to party. […]

Trusting Others in Jordan

This is a guest blog by Laura, our resident expert on female travel. My alarm went off at half past four. As I waited outside in the dark for my taxi to show up to take me to the bus station, a man appeared from the shadows of the restaurant, and I jumped, startled from being in a half-asleep state. He was the security guard and after seeing that I was awake, he brought me a cup of Arabic tea. […]

Can You Travel with a Baby?

This is a guest post by Corinne McDermott of Have Baby Will Travel. Whether you’re newly welcomed a new life into this world, or your bump resembles a watermelon, if you’ve always loved travel you may be thinking, “Can you travel with a baby?” Of course, you can travel with a baby but once part of the parent club, the question seems to become “should you travel with a baby?” “It’s too dangerous!” “It’s irresponsible!” and “It’ll be too difficult!” […]

Why Girls Should Go to Southeast Asia

This is a guest blog by Laura, our resident expert on female travel. Deciding to go on a solo trip can be intimidating. Sometimes it’s not always by choice; it’s not always easy to convince someone to jump ship with you and take an extended vacation. However, solo travel can be really exhilarating, and I can’t think of a better place to take your first solo trip than Southeast Asia. It’s easy to get by on a budget, meet up […]

Ladies, Don’t Leave Home Without It!

This is a guest blog by Laura, our resident expert on female travel. I always seem to learn things the hard way, and packing for long-term travel is no exception. I used to pack for every possible situation, for the ‘what if’ moments. Of course if you backpack for a few weeks with all of these unnecessary items, you end up discarding many things along the way that you don’t need. After living in Africa with minimal facilities (like no […]

Dealing with Harassment

This is a guest blog by Laura, our resident expert on female travel. Many female travelers experience varying levels of harassment on the road, while others may not hear so much as a catcall. Although it happens everywhere, harassment towards women is more common in some places than others, and you should be aware of this unflattering side of travel. No, it shouldn’t scare you or prevent you from traveling, but being prepared to deal with situations will make your […]

Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Travel Alone

This is a guest blog by Laura from A Wandering Sole. Laura will be writing on female travel for this site. She’ll have a column every other week. As much as I love to write, this is one topic I’m clueless about. So take it away Laura. It’s dangerous. How will you get there? Where will you stay? By yourself? But, you’re a girl! If you’re female and have an interest in travel, then you’ve probably heard these things before. […]