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Five Ways to Beat the Summer Crowds in Paris

Traveling Paris in August. Thousands of Parisians flee the city for their annual summer vacations. Thousands of tourists flood in to take their place. If you happen to be one of them, it’s a great time to be here: the weather is nice, the parks and gardens are green, and the streets are a little quieter. But you’ll soon tire of waiting in lines, fighting to get a good picture of a monument, and eating your lunch surrounded only by […]

Vagabonding the Green Way

One of the most wonderful things about long-term travel is that it’s… well, long-term. And because you have more time to travel, you have a greater opportunity to choose to travel green. As someone who has traveled long-term, I know it can sometimes be hard to feel like we as individuals can still make a difference. But here are some ways you can help the environment and travel green on the road. Make an effort from the beginning From the […]

The Amazing Difference Living Abroad Makes

I used to be a two-week traveler. Every year, I would plan two-week-long trips to some locale, board a plane, run around, and return happily exhausted. When my husband and I moved to Madrid three weeks ago, selling all of our belongings and arriving only with two suitcases and our dogs, I expected much of the same. Instead, I found a city full of people I could call my friends and neighborhoods I don‘t want to leave. Everything is a […]

Tips for Traveling in “Dangerous” Places

As I get ready for a trip to Colombia, lots of people have been quick to greet the news of my latest travels with a well-meaning, “Be careful; it’s dangerous there!” But is it really any more dangerous than anywhere else I’ve traveled or lived? Our perceptions of what make a place seem dangerous are shaped by many factors—the hyper-dramatic media more interested in getting a quick and juicy story than sticking around to figure out the complicated dynamics of […]