The Top Things to See and Do in Madrid

My first time in Madrid was a failure. I got sick and only ended up making it out for half a day before retreating back into bed, cursing a cold that kept me from experiencing one of Europe’s great cities. On my train trip through Europe last month, I entered Madrid tired from an overnight […]

Taking a Delicious Food Tour in Madrid

While I was in Europe earlier this month, I finally managed to visit Madrid. Years ago I went to Madrid but was deathly sick and didn’t do much while I was there. So as I spent spent a week riding the rails around Europe, I made Madrid a definite stop on my tour. Since the […]

Lisbon: Even Better the Second Time

There are some places you never leave. You may not be there physically, but a piece of you stays behind forever to be with the place that stole so much of your heart. It lives there, reliving those initial memories and waiting for new ones to be made. Last year, I visited Lisbon for the […]

How to Spend 5 Days in Barcelona

My first visit to Barcelona was in 2006. I fell in love with the city—the street performers, food (oh! the food!), laid-back lifestyle, history, people, and plethora of activities. Three years later, I returned again. Then a few months ago, I went back with a friend to show her how amazing the city is. And […]

My 29 Favorite Restaurants in Europe

I don’t write about food often. I always have these grand desires to do so, but I never feel like I’m in a city long enough to make an expert judgment on the “best places to eat in city x.” It’s only when I spend extended time in a place—like I have in New York […]

That Time I Went to Portugal and Fell Madly in Love With It

They say you just know when you’re in love. That this feeling of certainty comes over you as if you two were always destined for each other. While I’ve never been in love, it’s a feeling I’ve experienced before. I remember the moment I walked out of the metro onto Paris’s Champs-Élysées. I knew right […]