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Airline Review: Qantas

I flew Qantas from Sydney to LA in 2008, but my recent trip with them from London to Bangkok and from Bangkok to Auckland gave me a chance to look at them with fresh eyes. Qantas maintains a good reputation around the world among fliers. They’ve never crashed (though parts of their planes have exploded in midair), they have above-average food, and their entertainment system has more choices than you’ll ever need. If I had to rank Qantas, I’d put […]

Flying Business Class for Free

I fly around 20,000 miles per year, depending on how many flights to Asia I take. While I certainly fly more than the average person, it’s sadly not enough to put me in the coveted elite levels of most frequent flier programs. I miss out on business or first-class upgrades, airport lounges, preferred boarding and check-in, better food, and all the other perks that come with elite status. While twenty thousand miles may get you gold status, the real perks […]

Why Cheap Flights Aren’t Always Best to Buy

There are many ways to find cheap flights, and most people try to find the cheapest one possible when they go on vacation. There are some great search engines out there like Momondo, Skyscanner, Vayama, and Mobissimo to help you, but should you always go for the cheapest flight? Is that always the best way to go? Last year, I decided to join the Oneworld network, which meant I had to join American’s frequent flier program. Let me tell you—I’m […]

Airline Review: Eva Air

Eva Air is the national carrier of Taiwan. They fly throughout Asia and to the west coast of North America. I had the pleasure of flying Eva Air a few times while I was living in Taiwan, and I highly recommend them! One of the things I like most about flying Asian airlines is the level of service they offer. Their western counterparts keep slashing services and raising fees, while the Asian carriers keep making your experience more enjoyable. Even […]

Airline Review: Ryanair

A lot has been written about the European discount airline Ryanair. Based out of Dublin, this airline offers dirt-cheap fares across Europe. People either love or hate them. People love the cheap fares but hate the lack of service. However, the airline only offers you one thing: space. Expecting more is foolish. At the prices they’re charging, they can’t offer you anything else. If you’re looking for amenities, do not fly Ryanair. If you want cheap tickets, do. Ryanair is […]

Airline Review: Aer Lingus

On my recent flight to London, I flew the Irish carrier Aer Lingus. For $350, they were the cheapest deal, and they code-shared with my frequent flier program. I expected an awful flight, as some of my Irish friends didn’t have kind words about the carrier. But I actually found the flight to be great. Aer Lingus used to be a major carrier but has restructured itself to be a low-cost carrier offering cheap flights around Europe and America via […]

Airline Review: Air Canada

During my recent experience flying the friendly skies, I was “lucky” enough to be on Air Canada. If you haven’t ever flown Air Canada, you aren’t really missing much. Prior to this experience, I’d flown Air Canada once to Vancouver, but that was some years ago before the advent of personal video screens and deluxe economy. Since Air Canada was the cheapest way to get to London, I decided it was time to try the airline again. I can’t say […]

Crash Landing

American airline carriers have certainly been in the news lately. Over the last few weeks, numerous airlines, most notably American Airlines, have canceled thousands of flights due to safety issues. Aloha, ATA, and Frontier airlines have all gone bankrupt while Delta and Northwest recently announced they were going to merge. All this turmoil makes you wonder: what’s going on with the airline business in America? It seems pretty grim, but I’m not at all surprised. I’ve flown in many different […]