My Upcoming Book Tour: Coming to a City Near You

By Nomadic Matt | Published January 16th, 2013

how to travel the world nomadic mattTwo weeks from now, my book on traveling the world finally hits book stores. How crazy is that! I still can’t believe it sometimes. Today, I’m announcing a nationwide book tour starting next month! I’ve never done a book tour and I’m sure this will be a crazy good learning experience (plus it gives me an excuse to take a road trip across the country again).

But most importantly, it gives me a chance to meet you. After all, this site wouldn’t be anything without readers like yourself. I’ve been hosting a number of community meet-ups over the last few months and they’ve been amazing. This book tour is doing that but on a grand scale.

Below are dates, times, locations, and links to the Facebook event pages. If you’re thinking about coming, please try to confirm your attendance so I can get a rough idea of how many people will be at each one. At the event, I’ll be giving a little talk about why anyone can travel, what’s in the book, and answering any and all of your questions. You’ll also be able to purchase the book at each event. Afterwards, those who are interested can join me at a local bar for drinks, laughs, and memories that shouldn’t go on Facebook/Twitter but probably will.

Event Information

(Remaining dates)

Date: 3/7 (Right before SXSW)
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Location: Conjunctured, 1309 E 7th St Austin, TX 78702
Facebook Event Page

Special thanks to Lucid Routes for organizing this event. If you need to do something in Austin, they are the best. They really helped me on this.

Date: 3/18
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Location: Irish Snug, 1201 E Colfax
Facebook Event Page

San Diego (La Jolla)
Date: 3/20
Time: 7:30 P.M.
Location: Warwick’s, 7812 Girard Avenue
Facebook Event Page

Date: 3/25
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Location: Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood
Facebook Event Page

San Francisco
Date: 3/28
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Location: Green Apple Books and Music, 506 Clement St.
Facebook Event Page

Date: 4/1
Time: 7:30 P.M.
Location: Powells, 3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Facebook Event Page

Date: 4/3
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Location: TBA
Facebook Event Page

I plan on taking another mini-tour in May and June. So if your city is not listed and the ones above aren’t close to you, leave a comment below, and I’ll try to add it into the mix. There’s plenty of room for stops!

I hope to see you at one (or more) of these events. And feel free to bring as many friends as you want. Let’s get some more people hooked on travel!

Update: I will be visiting more cities in May and June. Already I will be visiting Miami, Pittsburgh, and Nashville.

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Not coming up north to Toronto?? Maybe you can combine it with TBEX in June! :)

Yazmin Islam

I agree! Come up to Toronto!


yes; Toronto for sure. We Canadians don’t want to miss out, eh.


Come to Toronto! It’s really close to NYC ;)




yes you definitely need to come north of the border Toronto would be great.

Up north and to the west – Vancouver would be nice too. Maybe I’ll just take a day trip to Seattle if you don’t want to cross the border ;)

Angela O.

I am bursting with excitement!!!!!


My vote is for Kansas City. I’m sure I can get a few friends together to come out.

Maria holderbaum

Can you come closer to Ohio? Maybe Columbus or Cleveland?


Yes, come to Columbus!


Another vote for Cleveland, Ohio, Matt! I would love to meet you!


And another vote for Cleveland! I’m going to Thailand for the last two weeks in March :D


One more vote for Columbus, Ohio. I know the Ohio State campus area would offer a warm welcome!

I am in Orlando, Florida…anywhere close :)

Hi Linda, I visit Orlando usually in Spring and Autumn, would be nice to meet sometime!

Silvia padilla

How about South Florida West Palm Beach possibly at Barnes And Nobles?

I would love, love, love it if you came to Detroit! :)

I’m going to try to make it out to Austin, but you should DEFINITELY come to Houston if you can!

Nathan Aguilera

Any chance on your next leg you’ll come to Dallas or Oklahoma City or should I try to plan on coming to Austin?


You might want to try to get to Austin!

Totally bummed I will miss you. I’ll be on a plane to Mexico when you come to Denver!

If I was in the US I would totally come out and meet you. Best of luck on the tour!

Matt, baby:
Not nationwide without at least one stop in the South East…
Come see us in South Florida, a very big travel market!
Congrats on the publication, BTW.


Miami is on the list!

Tony Chan

I agree with Ash. Come to Vancouver!


come to Germany! Kommen Sie nach Deutschland!

How about Vancouver, BC – you are only a couple of hours away when you’re in Seattle, and our border guards are friendlier than yours!


I might suggest the Doylestown Bookshop for a Philadelphia location (technically in Bucks County – the ‘burbs) if you can’t find a place in the city (although the Free Library runs an excellent authors series)


Thanks for the tip.

Look forward to seeing you in Boston. Would love to bend your ear on consulting on our web site. Ciao


Looking forward to seeing you.


Durham, NC!!!! Please please please!!! Or anywhere within a 30 mile radius of Durham (30 miles bc I sold my car and now rely solely on my moped to get me around…one step closer to my RTW trip!) :-)


Argh! First I missed Chris Guillebeau’s tour *and* his ANOC Holiday party in PDX, now I’m going to miss you, too :( Ironically – being on the road, it’s hard to catch you guys! :) Hopefully someday!


how about SiliconValley/South Bay before or after San Francisco?


You’ll have to come up to San Francisco. I won’t be heading to Silicon Valley.


I vote for Orlando as well

What? No London stop? I guess I’ll have to come to you then :)! Congratulations on the book!


South Florida for sure. Fort Lauderdale would be a great central location for Miami/West Palm folks.


Another vote for Vancouver!


How about Honolulu? I heard you tried to get out here once before and your flight got cancelled. This will give you an excuse to come out to Hawaii now. :-)

Good luck on the tour and success to your book!


With the support of readers like yourself, it will be. Thanks!

This is legit, I’ll def hit up the DC event.


It will be great to see you.


Calgary. The tour wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Calgary.


hey Matt! ur gonna b in SoCal, so why not swing over to Phoenix/Scottsdale?

Yay, Portland! Congrats on your next adventure :)

Bjorn Karlman

Didn’t think I would be saying this on this my one-year RTW trip but I WISH I was in the US so I could hit one of your city stops. Good luck, this is super cool!

BTW… any thoughts about an international book tour?


Since the book is only out in the US at the moment, I probably won’t do an international tour for awhile.

Gel Roserielle

I vote for Pittsburgh :) I very recently discovered your site and I am looking forward to starting my travels around the world, you are a true inspiration to someone who never realized that it could be so simple to travel on so little and i would love to meet you. I now know that i can fulfill my dream of traveling the whole world :) thank you!

I don’t want to drive to LA if I don’t have to (ugh) … Anywhere in Utah would be better!!


I probably won’t be adding Vegas anytime soon. Sorry.


Since you’ll be in Florida anyway, would you perhaps consider a stop to talk to a group in Orlando? It’s right in the center of the state, and many of us who live on the central east (and west) coast, are used to traveling there for attending special events. Of course, Orlando itself is heavily populated and has a VERY large student population, due to UCF, Full Sail University, and two State colleges!

I agree, Matt, please, come to Orlando in MAY!!!

Will see you in San Diego!!




Man, I wish you’d come to the Caribbean! Any thoughts on an international book tour? :P


Maybe towards the end of the year. Let me see how this one goes first.

Put up the Pittsburgh date whenever you know it…thanks! :)

Lothr Z Volta

South Dakota (yes, I said South Dakota)would love to have you! Sioux Falls preferably, Minneapolis would be good though too.

I am not in the USA but would have liked to meet you.


Cleveland, Ohio!

John Lucas

You might want to reconsider the wording in your announcement of your first stop on your book tour in New York: Housing Works is NOT trying to find a cure for AIDS. It finds housing and provides other services for people with AIDS.


You totally skipped over Santa Barbara! It wouldn’t really be “work” here


Looking forward to meeting you in NYC. Cheers, Matt!

Come to Jacksonville, Florida it was 80 degrees out yesterday ;) I had my flops on as usual.

Adrienne Morton

Can’t wait!! Green Apple Books is a special place. Have you been before? I have some suggestions about where to go for drinks after if you need them…

Danika Drotar

It’s perfect!! I am coming back to Portland from Asia at the end of March, so I’ll be able to catch your talk at Powell’s!!! Thank you so much for all your very useful info, and a big congrats on the book release!

Gregory Jones

Hi Matt:
It just so happens that I will be back from China just in time to see you when you arrive in Philadelphia on February 17th.


Skyler Haupt

Hi Matt,

Are you planning on stopping by The Carolinas (preferably, Charlotte!)?


Maybe on the second leg during the summer.

Rogan Nortje

Please come to Cape Town South Africa if you cannot where can i find your book, thanks Rogan



I’m looking forward to seeing you in NY. I’m glad that you’re doing the book tour because I want to start the new year following my dreams in traveling. Good luck with your new book. Are you going to sell your book for the event?


Yes, you’ll be able to purchase books at the event!


Tampa, Fl!

Or Cleveland in July bc that’s where we will be on our road trip!!!

Hello Matt !
I’m from India. I just ordered your book online. Cant wait to get my hands on it. I’m sure it’s gonna be wonderful !


Atlanta really makes sense since you will be in Miami and Nashville.


i vote for atlanta!!!


Knoxville! It’s close to Nashville!


Awww Matt, you’re going to Austin 2 days AFTER I leave for Europe! Houston Or Dallas, PLEASE! :)

Traveling sometimes cost a lot. I am so excited to grab a copy of that book so that I can apply tips you have provided to travel with only $50 a day.


Yes! You’re going to come to Nashville


+1 for Toronto!

Hope to catch you in Philadelphia!


Anderson’s Bookstore in Naperville IL would be a great addition to your book tour! They are highly regarded and attract book signings all the time. Plus it would be close to where I live! Your book should be arriving any day from our Amazon pre-order and we would love to be able to meet you!

Sheila Englebardt

Charlotte, please!!


Encore vote for Toronto … one of the most multicultural cities in the world! When you’re in Pittsburgh, it’s only a 6-hour car drive to Toronto. Sidney Crosby fans do it for Pens hockey games all the time!


Come to Jersey:)


Come to NYC!

Bob K

Hope to see you in Pittsburgh!


replying to the previous comment because I don’t see a button to start a new one…. come to Columbus, OH! I’m sure the Book Loft would love to host a talk, or THE Ohio State University.


Any plans for a global book tour? Melbourne is exceptional at this time of year!!


Pittsburgh is on your list…. great! I will make sure to bring a few friends who haven’t yet traveled (gulp, yes, it’s true) and would like to get going. They just suck up my stories, and I’m no guru, that’s for sure. Please let us know what venue and when, and I’ll get ‘em rustled up. Will hold off, maybe buy the book at your talk? Thanks a ton, Matt.

Oh damn. I wish I saw this before 2/11 so I could have seen you in Boston!


Please come back to DC. I missed it!


How about the East Bay before or after San Francisco

To go with the current here… you should be thinking about Europe.. More specifically N. Germany or Amsterdam :) But really, jokes aside, I think an event like this would be quite successful and well-attended here… any plans to do so?



I grew up in Portland, Oregon. Powell’s is great, amazing book store. Only thing is you will be there in the spring, skies may be grey and rain may fall. Not the best time to visit our beautiful Pacific Northwest! Sorry I will be in sunny Baja and not attending your event. Portland is divided east and west by the Willamette River. There is also the Columbia River in the area, that divides Oregon and Washington. A must do is the Columbia Gorge to Multnomah Falls. Don’t know if you can do the old highway any more, but it is a beautiful drive. Downtown you will enjoy the elephant and castle restaurant/bar. Of course there are the usual things, the zoo, the Rose Gardens, the Japanese Gardens, etc. I love NW 23rd street for the fun boutiques, if you are downtown. On the east side is the Grotto, gorgeous sanctuary and close by is Mcminamins in the old Kennedy school that is a pub with a movie theatre. Have fun!