Announcing My Brand New Blogging Course (50 person limit)

By Nomadic Matt | Published February 27th, 2014

Many people ask me how to create their own blog, what techniques and strategies they can use to grow their website, and how they can turn their passion into a profession. Looking around the web, I realized that there’s nothing teaching real online business, marketing, writing, and growth tactics to travel writers and bloggers. Content may be king, but without good marketing and business skills, no one is ever going to read your pearls of wisdom. I’ve seen a lot of great blogs fade away because they never got a critical mass of readers.

I’ve spent a lot of time learning from big bloggers, entrepreneurs, and experts in other fields. I read a lot, I study, I get advice. I truly believe in my message of cheaper, better, and longer travel and want to learn how to share that with the world. Now, six years after I started blogging, my website earns me six figures, I speak regularly at conferences, this site gets over 600,000 visitors a month, and I completed a book deal. (I’m still in awe all this has happened, and I am eternally grateful to every reader of this site. Without your support, none of this would be possible and I’m honored you read my site and ask for my advice.)

Today, I’m announcing the beta launch of Superstar Blogging, my new master blogging course! I want to share what I’ve learned about running an online business with other bloggers so they too can rise to the top and have awesome success. The teacher in me wants to help beginner (and intermediate) bloggers create awesome, honest, and engaging blogs.

Superstar Blogging is my answer to a lot of what I think is missing from blogging courses – real hands-on, one-on-one help. It will teach you the blogging practices you need to be successful with your travel blog — and I know these practices work because they are the same that I use every day on this website. And with this course, I’ll be there to give you personalized direction on implementing what you read! (Don’t have a travel blog? Don’t worry. Neither did half my students. I also worked with bloggers in fitness, health, and food! The principles I talk about are universal). Moreover, you’ll also get technical help from Chris Richardson of RTW Labs who will walk you through WordPress and provide technical support. Two teachers for the price of one.

And because we are in beta, the introductory price for the course is $99 USD and comes with lifetime access. You’ll get everything future students get at an even better price. Plus, you’ll be able to help shape the future of this course and get more personalized help.

Everything you’ll learn in this course comes from the strategies and tactics I use to expand my blog and promote my message of budget travel.

Here is a detailed breakdown of what you’ll get in the course:

  • 35 detailed lessons covering the following topics:
    • Branding
    • The Importance of Design
    • Social Media
    • Search Engine Optimization A-Z
    • Getting Media Coverage
    • Monetization Strategies
    • Sales Pages and Conversion Testing
    • Working with PR, Tourism Boards, and Brands
  • Copies of How to Build Your Blog and How to Make Money with Your Blog. (The course materials. A $37 value!)
  • Amazing hands-on technical support and WordPress help from Chris Richardson of RTW Labs. (He’s the genius who keeps this website running!)
  • An active forum for group support from other classmates and your course instructors!
  • Expert interviews from top bloggers to help grow your business even more.
  • Monthly webinars on various topics of blogging and Q&As to further expand your blog.
  • Online resources and suggested reading materials.
  • Hands-on technical help with physically building your blog.

For the next 48 hours, this program is only open to 50 people. After the first 50 people have joined (or the 48 hours are up), this course will be closed so I can work with the new students, get feedback, and make improvements to the program.

If you’ve been thinking of upping your blogging game and want to turn your blog into something more than a side project, sign up for the course and start picking the brain of two experts today.

We will be testing the course for the next 30 days and then, if all goes well, will be releasing it to the general public in April. (It will cost a lot more when we release it then.)

Chris and I are very excited about this project. I feel there is a lot of room in travel blogging for growing the industry and creating more full-time, expert bloggers. After all, travel is a one trillion dollar industry and we both feel bloggers should have a more prominent role since so many consumers use our resources for planning.

Let’s take things to the next level.



Hey, want a t-shirt? Last summer, I ran a Kickstarter campaign (travel app coming soon) and there are some t-shirts left over from the launch. I asked people on Facebook if anyone was interested in them and the response was so enthusiastic I made some extras. There are two designs available:

The shirts are $14.99 USD (plus shipping) and there are only 90 of each design available. You can click here to pick your size and get one.

And don’t worry – this is not the start of some merchandising trend. I’m not going down the whole “merchandising” route. There will be no Nomadic Matt bags, money belts, mugs, hats, iPhone holders, stickers, or whatever! (And if I do create those, you have permission to smack me.) I over ordered when I did the Kickstarter and got extra since people seemed interested – but that’s it. Unless there is surging demand from people for these shirts, I doubt I will order any more.

So if you want a nice comfy shirt to wear on the road, get one of these.

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Looks interesting – are the intermediate and advanced modules being released in April as well?


Yup, they will be available then too.

Hi Matt,

I was hoping you could tell me what format the info/lessons is provided in (i.e. Webinar, emails, text, etc.). Also, I noticed that you have to sign up for a class. I already have my website, template, am registered with WordPress and have established how to change some aspects of the site. I am still exploring and do have difficulties with other aspects on the tech side. I am thinking the intermediate may be best due to the support provided. Would you agree? Thank you in advance. Also, I always enjoy your blog.

Best, Laura


Hey Matt,

Would you recommend this course to someone who is looking to start a blog or just ppl who already have one up and running?

I just brought a domain name, so I’m in the very beginning stages



Do you think those of us who don’t necessarily have travel related blogs would get something out of this course as well? I started a personal blog in Oct but haven’t figured out a direction I’m looking to go beyond it just yet.

Hey Matt!
This is quite exciting. I’ve been looking into matadorU, however, I like that your program will be far more hands-on with both you and Chris. I’m wondering though, if at this time I can sign up for the intermediate class to get those skype sessions? It’s on the site but it’s not a clickable option. Will you only be releasing it after the beta launch?
Rock On

Hey Matt, I also have some questions! It’s not that clear what kind of format the classes will be in? Like one of the commenters above, I’ve been a Taipei-based local blogger for a while, so I already know most of the basics of WordPress (I’m now trying to switch into travel blogging + monetizing the blog)—would this course be largely irrelevant?


Hi All, as I know Matt’s asleep at the moment I wanted to share some details on the format of the classes or course. There are no set class times or anything like that. You work through the content at your own pace and seek help from either myself or Matt via the forums or directly with email when you run into trouble.

Hope that clears things up a little.

Sounds like such a great opportunity to learn about blogging! Very disappointed to hear the course is full already, will be keeping an eye out in April.


I missed it, too. If there is a wait list, please add me! Thanks!


You can sign up in April :)

Here, here. Definitely sorry I missed it. Looking forward to learning more details in April.


Dang! I’m so bummed out that I missed out on this! Looking forward to details in April! :)

Can’t believe I missed out on this opportunity! Please add me to any waitlist or notification send out for future courses.


Just noticed your excellent website, and wanted to sign up for your course in beta-mode. Bummer I missed out this time. Would love to jump in when you’re open again, thanks!

It is awesome you are sharing your knowledge, experience and tips. It is a pity I did not discover this post sooner ;( I am looking forward to read some reviews and maybe join the next time ;)

AND… he finds it too late to get in on the beta! lol. Would love to know when in April it goes live.


Hi Matt. I missed this great opportunity. Please notify and put me in the waiting list for the next batch.

What’s the cost to take the course? I’d love more info – will sign up for the newsletter.

Do you know how this might compare to Marie Forleo’s B-School course?

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